Geometry 2.3b, Using Deductive reasoning to solve Logic puzzles -

Geometry 2.3b, Using Deductive reasoning to solve Logic puzzles

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How to solve simple grid type logic puzzles with Deductive reasoning, and how to find all possible solutions for a Farmer trying to cross a river with a Goat, Wolf, and Cabbage by using a network graph. For some fun printable logic puzzles, check out
Geometry 2.3a, Using Deductive reasoning to verify conjectures

High School Geometry

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  1. Thank you so much ma'am, this helped alot

  2. For the goat, wolf and cabbage my answer was the first option, but then when I saw the second option I've realized that it doesn't matter what you moves as long as the two things he left behind at first doesn't relate to each other. Thanks for stimulating my brain. Subbed.

  3. tnx for the video. I just want to know what textbook are you using?

  4. Hi, all you readers! I was wondering if anyone reading this has copies of the following (sadly out-of-print) magazines:
    Official’s Logic Problems
    Harris Fun Variety & Logic
    Ebb The Original Logic & Math Puzzles
    I am Autistic and had a violent meltdown a while ago because I missed out on buying a lot of six Official’s magazines.
    All three of the magazines I mentioned above were from Kappa Publications. I love Kappa’s style of logic puzzle; it had a nerdy artsy flavor.
    If you have copies, let me know and maybe my brother and I can discuss purchasing them (or copies of them) from you.

  5. Well What does the kid who is 9 like. Himself. Superfools himself.

  6. He is really the only one who would any way. World's smallest Violin, playing my Hart bleeds for you. Perverts, 🐇 but how did I know what you seen with my Shadow Puppet.

  7. Ah Would you like to Think? I guess not.

  8. Beautifully presented video/description … thank you.
    What does it say with on the 'pi poster'?

  9. You can use geometry for multiplucation also

  10. That farmer makes an awful lot of journeys across the river! 🙂

  11. Can deductive reasoning be used in solving a Truth-tellers and Liars: Knights and Knaves Logic Puzzles?

  12. Yeah that farmer was in a game idk what is that game but I played it and it needs logical thinking on how you will across them to the river ahahha

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