Gears logic puzzles (android gameplay) -

Gears logic puzzles (android gameplay)

Сергей Тропин
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Gears logic puzzles for android & ios
Brain training game to improve your attention, accuracy, creative, logic skills.
The rules are easy, just move the light gears and connect them with the red gears so that everything rotates. You will need your wisdom and imagination.
Blow your stress away! Discover tons of levels or create your own level. Relax. Enjoy!
Logical puzzle game about the mechanics of gears.


* Thousands of engaging levels.
* Free play, play at any place at any time.
* Suitable for all ages. For adults and kids.
* Get extremely fun and entertaining mechanic(engineer) experience by gears.
* Simple rules, good gameplay. You will find addiction.
* There is a button to save battery power.
* Educational game.
* You can create your own levels.
* Play exciting levels created by other players.
* New player vs player(pvp) mode.
* Visual themes to choose from: wood, metal, ice, paper and stone.
* Non-stop play with level skip.
* Physics Puzzler, Physics-based gaming.
* No time limit.
* No WIFI? Games you can play offline.
* Annoying ads? No problem! Buy AD FREE.
* HINTS : It’s a good friend.
* Email help.


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