GBox - Logic Games and Puzzle Collection -

GBox – Logic Games and Puzzle Collection

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A collection of enthralling logic games presented in a three-dimensional style.

Each game has several varieties.
Short description:

· Pairs – Memory game
Turn over tiles and try to find they match with fewer turns as possible.

· Calculate
Panel at the top shows the math question. And the playing field consisting of tiles with answers. Do sum. Then find the tile with the right answer.

· Turn On
When you click the tile and its neighbors change color. Make all tiles green.

· Circuit
Connect the contacts to make chains.

· Slide & Swap – Slide Puzzle and variations
The object of the puzzle is to place the tiles in order by making sliding or swapping moves that use the empty space.

· Sequences
Press the tiles in the order in which they appear on the game field.

· Revolve
Revolve the grouped tiles and arrange them in ascending order starting from the upper left corner.

· More games are coming…

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