Gameschooling Logic & Critical Thinking | Logic & Critical Thinking Games for Your Homeschool -

Gameschooling Logic & Critical Thinking | Logic & Critical Thinking Games for Your Homeschool

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We’re big fans of gameschooling! Learning through gameplay is a great way to get real-world practice, engage reluctant learners, and have fun together as a family. Join us this week for a gameschooling by subject series.


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The Best Single Player Games for Your Homeschool:

Teaching Critical Thinking Skills In Your Homeschool: Logic Made Easy:

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  1. i love this series!! i recently also saw the 1-2 player one from 6 months ago. thank you!!! we also love karuba, citadels, quacks of quedlnburg, draftosaurus

  2. After the kids play these simpler, beginner games and if they want to get something more advanced they play Chess or Go because if the kid starts to really like either of those, and perhaps becomes good at it, they can at least continue playing and later attend tournaments. The existing history and culture surrounding these games make playing them more worthwhile.

  3. I've been loving these daily videos! Thank you!

  4. I totally have Cat Crimes on my Christmas list for my son. Love these game schooling videos.

  5. I loved this series. Thanks for sharing!

  6. When you list off all the games you have…like the versions of Clue…it blows my mind to think of organization and storage.
    I was relieved to hear you couldn't find your Kanoodle game! I struggle with the storage and organization AND I want to make sure we are utilizing what we have…

  7. I absolutely LOVE this series of videos! We like to play a lot of games in our homeschool, too, but there are quite a few of these that I hadn't heard of. Thank you for putting together such a well organized summary of the games your family enjoys the most. Even though I homeschool 3 children (ages 10, 7, and 4.5), it's nice to have single player games because sometimes I need a challenging game for the 10 year old while I work with the 7-year-old, or vice-versa. One game you didn't mention that we love is Scarabya – similar to the Kanoodle ones, but with a "trapping scarabs" theme and very pretty graphics. The travel Tangram with magnetic pieces also gets used quite a bit still, as well as a game called Hi-Q (similar to the froggy jump one you showed). For travel we also like Coggy because it only has two components so it's harder to drop it, yet there are still a lot of challenges. I know that doing one of these series every year would be too challenging (and possibly the list of games would not change all that much in one year), but a short recap of new favorite games of the year, posted around the November timeframe, would be veeery helpful for Christmas shopping!

  8. Blink is our absolute favorite game to play. It is so fast and easy for all of the kids. I have added so many games to our Amazon list from your videos.

  9. We love spot it! It's one of the best games and my 3 and 6 year old play it together independently all the time. I didn't know they had so many versions.

  10. Thank you Jessica for all these wonderful recommendations, really fantastic!

  11. I want to buy Rush Hour. But I have a big span. Will the Jr be too easy for high schoolers or conversely will the regular be too hard for a second grader. Do I need both or will one be okay?

  12. I absolutely love that you have shared your favorite games again. I have a never ending wish list of games now lol. Its perfect though because Emily is just a little older than my oldest and your last set of videos was done when Emily was about the age that my middle daughter is now so I am loving seeing what my girls might really enjoy at their current age and then even more I am loving that I saw some of the same games in both videos and there are some games that can be equally challenging for both of my girls and be still able to be played together. That is hard to find with the 3 and a half year gap between them at the ages they are right now so I am Beyond Grateful for these videos. THANK YOU!!

  13. I have been playing No Stress Chess with my 9yr old. We played one game with the cards and decided it was really annoying to let the cards decide where we moved. After that, we just laid out one card for each unique piece so we could be reminded of how they move, and played regularly. It’s a good starter set. I like that the position of the pieces is printed on one side of the board.

    Cribbage would be another good strategic game. It’s good for adding too! I wish Qbitz would come out with a version that’s more extreme than their extreme.

  14. My son says.. I loke this lady and I loved all the games she showed… he has no idea I get all my ideas of educational gifting from you. 🤣🤣🤗😉

  15. If you teach as parent led instead of accredited, how do you still get a diploma? If that is even a possibility?

  16. Thank you! Just added a bunch of games to our Christmas lists 🎄

  17. Logic games is where we stock up for sure!! Thanks for the additional ideas

  18. Thank you so much for breaking all the games down as single player or multi-player. I also have only one child and it is important to us for her to have games, especially logic games to play by herself. Your video has been super helpful!

  19. All games can be educational I know, but can you do a video of your top 5 or 10 most played just for fun games your family plays?

  20. I see you have Starlink in the background. I've been thinking of getting it. How do you like it? Is it worth it? I've noticed you and I have similar likes in a lot of games, except trivia games. I personally don't like them, however your input is greatly valued with what games I go out of my way to buy. Most games I pick up what's available at the different thrift stores I frequent. I've been saving up for the different Bingo and Match it games that you mentioned in your science video. I very much appreciate all the time you've put into making these videos. Thank you. Also, I wanted to mention tangrams, animalogic, brick by brick, and Suspend. My kids like those logic ones.

  21. I'm concerned that the IQ game pieces will get lost in my car! Lol

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