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Full Section Pacing: PrepTest 43 // Logic Games [#26] [LSAT Analytical Reasoning]

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A commenter requested that I do a full section of games rather than just one at a time in order to demonstrate the pacing necessary to finish a section within the 35-minute timeframe. I am nothing if not accommodating, so here it is! The full games section of LSAT PrepTest 43.

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One thing I mentioned in the video, but want to stress a bit more here, is that there’s no special reason you need to plan to finish the games section (unless you’re going for 174+). One of the best tools for proper pacing is slowing down to two or three games in order to ensure you keep your accuracy close to 100%.

If you are planning to attempt every game though, you need to aim for 7 or 8 minutes per game for the easier two games and 10 minutes per game for the two harder games. On a difficult section, that will be tough, but difficult sections are to your advantage anyway (as someone reading the description on a YouTube video about LSAT games, you are preparing *significantly* more than the average student).

As promised, I continue to work through all three-hundred-ish games of the official LSAT releases. If you have a particular game you’d like me to move up in the order, throw it in the comments and I’ll do my best.

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  1. Your videos are so calming. I will most definitely return to them in the future!

  2. I think for 18 it has to be an answer with 2 buildings because rule #2 says that the falafel truck serves EXACTLY 2. X & Z can't work because it doesn't include Y. So Y and Z are the only pairs in the answer choices that work

  3. Omg! I got 18 correct!! I did it over the course of an hour but it was still a huge confidence boost! I only got two wrong 5 and 19. I really struggled with the logic games section, but finding this channel has been a godsend! Your awesome instructor!

  4. @TristanOveracker here you go! Full section pacing vid.

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