Free LSAT Prep Hour: Improving Your Speed in Logic Games -

Free LSAT Prep Hour: Improving Your Speed in Logic Games

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Twice monthly, Manhattan Prep hosts a free, one-hour LSAT prep session lead by one of our 99th-percentile LSAT instructors.

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In this session, LSAT instructor Scott Miller (99th-percentile 173 LSAT score) guides you through LSAT content and strategy, focusing on avoiding traps and habits that slow test takers down.

LSAT questions covered in this session: June 2007 PrepTest; Game 1, Questions 1-3

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  1. This is SO HELPFUL!!!! Thank you so much for taking the time to teach future lawyers FO FREE. 🤓 if you ever need a lawyer, we’re all indebted to you 🤣🤣

  2. Thank you SO much for this. I really can’t afford a $2,000 class. This is super helpful!! 🎉

  3. I am pretty sure that in the first part they told us there was five acceptable product codes that could be produced…Therefore look back that all five were used in the questions following so it wouldn't have been that much of time vamp if you solved them all at the first because later on you had get the rest anyway but thank you for the tutoring…!

  4. I think, "I got this…!", Playing a logic game a day is great practice….! Kind of like doing a Soduko everyday your going to get good at it…I do not know how to do one but learning Soduko can only help a person to reason and that would be a good workout everyday too….

  5. I also think like any other exam in school that LSAT is a standard test and there is going to be a limited amount of logic games so that there is common ground among students and correction and it is possible to have this exact question could actually be found on the exam…so doing many logic games that are along the lines of these instructors raises the possibility of having seen the four Logic Game Questions before even seeing a LSAT…

  6. The logical games is very challengeing

  7. This is a stupid question, but my brain is having a hard time today. If the question states "The digit 1 appears in some position BEFORE the digit 2", why are we looking for digit 2 before digit 1.

  8. For question 3, I used the inferences. I didn't do it the way he did it. But I see that doing it his way probably would be faster. I knew right away that 0 couldn't be 5th, I knew that 2 MUST be in 1 or 2. 1 can only be fifth if 0 is third, I couldn't find a reason why 3 had to be in third or fifth.

  9. You could totally use the inference on #3. If 0 can't be 3 and it already can't be 1,2 or 5, boom you have your answer in five seconds because 0 must be 4 if it isn't not 3

  10. very good video. part about making inferences has been very helpful

  11. Man why are so many of these just so basic? This didn't save any time at all, diagram and make inferences? Don't just stare or make a list of all possible scenarios? You don't say? This is the first thing you'll encounter if you start at page one of any explanation of logic games. If you really want time-saving advice, the main issue is that you need to learn how to identify and categorize the games so that you know HOW to represent the data on your diagram, not THAT you should have a diagram.

  12. I noticed that question 3 actually CAN be answered solely using inferences, in this case. Based on the information you have at 44:35, we see that from our current diagram and rules that 0 CANNOT be placed in the 1st or 2nd slot, and also that it can never be placed in the 5th slot. Now add in the conditional "if the 3rd digit may NOT be a 0", you've immediately given 0 the no choice but to be in the 4th position. at this point, you can write 0 in the 4th place of a usable diagram for solving, since you know it will never change during THIS specific conditional.

    Sorry, I didn't want to sound arrogant at all, I was just having a moment where I was defending Fefe and talking to my computer saying, "No, he's right. You can deduce from the inferences that 0 is only available in one slot, and a quick glance down the questions makes C an immediate winner!" haha.

    Anyway, I'm here trying to get better at LSAT because I have a big interview coming up next week that I know has LSAT questions, and I'm NERVOUS. Haha. This info was actually REALLY helpful though, and added more ways to decode these (the inferences used here posed new options I didn't think about before) than I came in with. So all in all, thank you for sharing!!!

  13. thank you for this free video. As a low income future "LSAT taker", I really appreciate this guidance!

  14. Manhattan Prep: Thank you for this video!

    Viewers: If you watched the entire video and didn't panic you are a real one. lol

  15. I was able to do the first game because I had seen it on Mike Kim's book lol. The first time I saw it I freaked out and confused all the numbers, making my codes with 1,2,3,4 and 5. I had to review it for like 1 hour. Thanks for these resources!!

  16. Thank you for this video I struggle with this section compared to doing well with the others but this helped a lot. Thank you!

  17. That numbers game was a great example of writing out the permutations, IMO. You burn through the answers after you're done. Anyone else agree?

  18. I think the reason she was asking if you could use the inferences is because if 0 isn't in 3, and it can't be in 5, then it has to be in 4.

  19. For question 3. If the third digit cannot be zero that means it cannot be the fifth either. So that is how I arrived at four. Is my inference correct? Because there is no number less than zero.

  20. Also, thank you very much for uploading this video. This seems to be helping me a lot.

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