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Free LSAT Prep Hour: Advanced Logic Games

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Twice monthly, Manhattan Prep hosts a free, one-hour LSAT prep session lead by one of our 99th-percentile LSAT instructors.

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In this session, LSAT instructor Ally Bell guides you through LSAT content and strategy.

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  1. The bottom diagram works better. You could also have made 3 rows of 2, with the rows representing each client (I,S,T along the bottom) and the values being whatever target number is assigned. Then put a V or W on the the side of each row to differentiate between Voicemail and Website. That was much easier for me at least

  2. thank you for the free content, the set up is important but please expedite the process. There are only three conditional variables, the extraneous details confuse the viewer. Simply put ( W<V…….Iv<…….Sw<Tw……) that's all you need. Also please edit the video when the viewer is suppose to be doing the problem. We can pause the video…

  3. Thank you for the video, but I'm a bit confused, for question 11, why did you cross off the whole of day 3 when the condition is that none of the clients have a Voicemail target of 3 and not both voicemail and website? Thanks for the help.

  4. Thank you !

    I find sometimes that I find the correct answer, but then make a silly error and select an answer choice that represents an incorrect answer. This is usually my first one (perhaps as I warm up?). It makes me consider doing a Logical Games "warm up" before the exam begins proper.

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