Free LSAT Channel Lesson: Logic Games -

Free LSAT Channel Lesson: Logic Games

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  1. I ❤pray that nothing and I MEAN NOTHING FAILS FOR YOU IN JESUS NAME AMEN 🙏

  2. Awesome teacher, I learned so much! Thank you!

  3. I'm new to this and already old so don't expect much. But I love your vibe and now tie. It looks very UF?!?!,just saying

  4. This is GOLD, if we had more teachers like you the WORLD would be a better place 🙂 tysm

  5. just added ged's song at the end to my spotify. preciate it

  6. I have come to hate all these animals now 🙂 Thanks…!

  7. You know bro it took you 35 minutes to explain the first game or word problem…and in the test I heard there were 6 questions and you only have 35 total…I think…

  8. I came up with Porcupine, Lynx, Grizzly, Fox Hare and moose is it possible to have more than one solution in these logic games…?

  9. For question 5, I decided on porcupine quickly because grizzly, moose, hare, and lynx were all mentioned in the latter part of the question, but porcupine was not therefore porcupine could go on any of the guideposts. NEXT QUESTION (In Judge Judy's voice)

  10. can somebody explain how question 3 is post 5 and not 6 if 6 is the lowest number you could go?

  11. Excuse me
    aren't you the son of Daniel Hardman from a New York law firm
    Pearson & Hardman? 🙂

  12. He was by far the best and funniest teacher I have watched. Very helpful. Thank you

  13. in question 4, why couldn't we still use the sketch from question 3 in the exact order it was in, with M being in position 3? That would still make it true that G is on post 4 (answer C) and the L on post 2 (answer A) while still following all new and existing rules.

  14. I have searched the internet for "free" LSAT lessons and instructions; Ged Helm is absolutely one of the best instructors out there – absolutely !!!

  15. I paid for the Kaplan course and they offer extra online classes on their channel. I did a class with this same instructor about Reading Comprehension. He gave us some tricks and tips to finish the entire section in the allotted 35 minutes. I was never able to actually finish all four passages in the designated time. After I took one class with this guy I was surprised that I finished the section using the tips he provided. I got 15/23 which was still good for a first time. His name is Ged Helm I think. If you are taking the Kaplan course, log into your online account, go to channels in the task bar above, and you’ll see all the online classes some are live and some are pre recorded. I always search for his classes when I need to fill in the gaps.


  17. Awesome strategy leaving #2 cannot be true for last when all other possibilities have been explored. It made it so must easier and quicker to get correct answer👍🏽!

  18. This dude had me weeeak the entire time…and I haven't as much as cracked a smirk since the day I saw my first logic game. Great tips, thanks for helping my confidence, and yes! "I like big blocks and I cannot lie" :0

  19. Incredible instructor, extremely thorough advice. Wonderful!!!

  20. Thanks for such easy explanation. I need a phone number to get more information on how to sign up for the Kaplan classes that's starting soon.

  21. this was the best thing ever!!!! so happy i stubbled on this

  22. Excellent. Shooting straight from the hip and dropping memorable beats. Thank you for teaching the way you do and making the seemingly impossible possible.

  23. You are an excellent instructor. Thank you!

  24. Wouldn't number one have been easier if it was done vertically as opposed to horizontally? That way you dont have to worry about which one is on the left and which one is on the right. Kind of a set up for failure.

  25. Anytime they act like you take some 3-hour long test guys I assure you it does not feel like a 3 hour long order. You just do three 35-minute tests (which feel like they take about 10 min each) and you're outta there.

  26. Wuuuaaoo it is the first time that i got it. I love this instructor!!Thank you so much for this video

  27. I don't understand #3 at 46:44. Why isn't the answer (e) guidepost 6? Aren't 'H' and 'P' interchangeable between 5 and 6?NM! I just reread the question AGAIN(!)😒 and I see it says LOWEST numbered🙄😩

  28. We most definitely need more instructors like this! His class was very entertaining!

  29. THanks for the help! i need all the free help i can get. it readlly helps

  30. You're an angel, I watched your video and it's actually starting to make sense! Thank you!!

  31. LSAT seems difficult because people don't do the xtra step.
    I.E: The first game is too easy if you create two tables. Place G into slot 3 or place G into 4. From there, it's 10 seconds or less.

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