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Viva La Dirt League
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The complete first season of FPS Logic



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  1. And this is why I hate Call Of Duty, Battlefield and all the WW2 garbage. I still love Doom 2 from 1994 plus the Brutal Doom mod.

  2. Me: "ARMY GROUP B?! Good luck fighting those panzer divisions.. "
    Also has a bit of plot holes

  3. How dare you call out the entire fps industry like that.

  4. DAMN it mannnn.. IT FELT exactly like my gaming experience 😀
    MISSING every shot.

  5. You gotta hate when you can't properly follow the NPCs because the walking speed is to slow, but the sprinting speed is to fast

  6. This video was not bad if I do say so myself

  7. Luckily, yesterday i download crack bought medal of honor pacific assault and my teammate kill the enemy

    Even if i do nothing all of the enemy is killed

  8. "You ready to kill Hitler?"

    wait but didn't Hitler kill Hi-

  9. how much they invest in 1 scene? very awesome!

  10. So funny, so right! Game developers, take note!

  11. "Luuuftwooaffe XD."
    -Me, german, laughing about people who don't speak my language

  12. There are no words to describe how acúrrate this video is

  13. That is so Call of Duty WW2.🤣
    I wonder if you could get away with spoofing the Nazi Zombies without being to obvious. 🤔

  14. I wonder how weird it is to act the recoil of shooting a gun.

  15. I thought this video was going to joke about how 60 frames per second is overused in YouTube footage… I’m glad i was mistaken.

  16. Can we just appreciate the amount of money they were willing to spend to pull this off. This production value ain’t cheap. The end product was phenomenal.

  17. This reminds me of call of duty: brothers in arms. Great game by the way!

  18. Lol me in GTA 5 after getting 1% of cash
    "Are You Kidding Me?!"
    "No sir"

  19. You're Game Character When You're Offline:

  20. I love the little tips that you get at the loading screen, made me better at FPS games for sure.

  21. Other than healing any wound with a bandage you basically got everything else right, lol.

  22. the soldier at 6:10 in the background just holds the gun the wrong way around. XD

  23. You guys do such a fantastic job, I think you could make a full length feature film.

  24. Is this game on PS5?
    The graphics are awesome!

  25. 3:02 every single overdone battle scene between ppl in a nutshell. Especially in the Walking Dead where everyone be accurate as a drunken stormtrooper on moonshine. Cough cough. XD

  26. My favorite part is the fact that he doesn’t need to reload the M1 Garand.

  27. Probably one of my favorite YouTube videos

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