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Flaws – Logical Reasoning and Logic Games are the same

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  1. Great lessons. Clear and straight to the point. But can you please add an example or two in the same video to help visualize the concept? Examples will help us to put the lesson into practice.

  2. i appreciate you posting these videos online for free. thanks

  3. I'm sorry I haven't liked all the video of yours I watched because I literally love all of them. Thank you for doing these!! I love your style <3

  4. This guy is approachable and explains the material so well! Thank you for this!

  5. This is great, I like this perspective. I have never heard of the similarities between LG and LR in this way.

  6. Watching your videos has helped me to get a deeper grasp of the LSAT so much. Destroy the argument video changed my whole perspective.

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