First day playing a survival game -

First day playing a survival game

Viva La Dirt League
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Trying to figure out the basics in a survival game #survivallogic #rust #dayz #theforest #zombiesurvival



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Massive thanks to Gabe Lunte for writing and directing this entire series!
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  1. 1:29 I like this part where the guy looks like he’s crafting/mining the same way they do in those bad mobile game ads

  2. Oh sh*t! He pre-purchased and got the bonus that REALLY makes you feel pride and accomplishment!

  3. I have said it before and i will say it again you guys and lady are legends.

  4. Why is no one mentioning Rowan’s name is “Dingo”? That shit’s dingo, Rowan.

  5. Adam is legend 😢you made fool creators 😢

  6. What's the name of the song that plays while the jetpack guy flew off?

  7. People geeking out over Dingo420 and TheGeekiestDad. Not me I´m VLDL conosieur enjoying the Steven Thorley the 3rd reference.

  8. lol i swear this is a cross between green hell, ark, and the forest.

  9. Бритт в тряпочках такая сексуальная, такая красивая, прямо богиня. Обожаю её, редкой красоты девушка.

  10. Голенькие грязные ножки Бритт, мммм….

  11. "Guys we should really hurry up!"
    does absolutely nothing to actually further their progress in anything whatsoever

    Why am I reminded of politics?

  12. that was so funny!! Love it! Playing Ark right now, and that hits home! LMAO

  13. Type in the comment how many time you spend on pausing this video to look at Britt in light cloth!🤣🤣

  14. Rewatching this video, it’s so crazy how experienced players can just lose everything, but get so much back in a short period of time compared to players that could barely build a single wall, in that same amount of time.

  15. I’m a simple man, I see shirtless Owen, I click.

  16. Only 10 episodes??? <cry> This series looks to have such great potential, but then I AM biased… I LOVE multiplayer survival sandbox games. Unlike your "friend" down the beach, I would be the one walking over in full cyborg mode and hand you each one of my old assault rifles and other "hand me down" gear.

  17. Ye just gotta love spawning with a speedrunner.

  18. i would strand and survive on any island with her 🥲🥲🥲🥲

  19. I was going to comment on not getting %^&*ed the moment you spawned…then I saw him on the beach….

  20. It's always like that for us casual gamers. I'm still figuring out how to tie leather strips around a wooden pole, and a dude I spawned with already manufacturing advanced dinosaur armor.

  21. Everytime I see Rowan without a shirt I think "What the fuck am I looking at?"


  23. But where's the fun in conquering the game in literal minutes? Just to bask in your own mastery and dominance?

  24. I have the same experience in rust,i just got woke up and busy collecting material (i dont even have any cloths nor weapon at all)when suddenly a guy with a freaking machine gun and helicopter suddenly appear and shot the living s** t out of me

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