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Female armour in video games – Equality

Viva La Dirt League
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It’s time that men and women were treated the same in games…


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  1. Ой, да ладно, эротические шмотки для женских персов одна из важных фишек фарма.

  2. The one dude stuck in the background gets me

  3. i feel so wonderful and free that killed me

  4. I really want this to be a game voiced buy they I'd love to come across the muggers let's muggthem

  5. Whats this girls name ,i think i fellnin love with her

  6. 0:17 Baradun’s left side is a bit sketch, careful with the blue screen!

  7. I've watched this so many times and it's funny every time.

  8. Is…is that Baelin talking at the end there??

  9. Plot twist: Due to a glitch in the game, if she had equipped the item, it would have turned into the male (aka regular) version of a "warded breastplate" with high enough stats to use for the rest of the game.

  10. I wonder what a Girdle of Storm Giant Strength for women looks like?

  11. I want to see her wear that
    Wait, i can just imagine it…

  12. I am happy to see that a group of fans can have so much fun! 😁

  13. I love how it's a straight up bra, complete with tag.

  14. I demand uncensored "behind the scenes" version!

  15. When Rowan appears Britt realize that the monokini miss one part.

  16. Mornin'! Nice day for armour, ain't it? Hu huh

  17. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼🤣🤣🤣👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

  18. I know I am a little late but where can I buy this game?

  19. Why is nobody talking about the guy in the back? His name is fricken Butsecks

  20. Dude just running in place in the background

  21. A complete equality hahahaha

  22. I can't deny it, running nearly naked is the best method to runaway/skip the enemies

  23. Ssshmargon sounds like an interesting character.

  24. hold on…hold on…hold on…in a nutshell girls in rpgs literally wear a skimpy outfit for lets say 500 protection but a boy wears a fully tripl plates full body armur but gets only 200 protection. I blame it on the female rights parade.

  25. No one gonna talk about how the guy who said," why don't you try it on now" was literally only wearing a bra

  26. wonder if he was really naked, or if it was blurring it just to be funny,
    Epic Guys… can you answer that? either way I don't care… just curioius.

  27. Missed opportunity for "Mornin', great day for supporting, ain't it?"

  28. I heard that theme from somewhere. Anyone know the name? When the guy arrived through the portal.

  29. what bullshit… of COURSE g-string armor for females is far more empowering >:(

    pussy and boobs is their main power :/

  30. this skit reminds me of the time i used when i played ragnarok online, where they make you travel from town to town, fight monsters to collect ingredients and stuff. the problem you cant reach those places unless you first level up and get better armor, because those locations are in places that cant be accessed by noobs or you know, the clues from the npc is so vague you spend days going to the wrong place doing the wrong quest. by the time when you accidentally stumble upon those locations and find the quest items, the rewards dont mean as much.
    some find it easier, to just sit on the town square and beg for anyone to give them those items for free.

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