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Favorite PS2 Puzzle Games You Need To Play

John Hancock
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The PS2 had some good and cheap puzzle games. In this video, I share 10 picks that are still very affordable. What are your picks for affordable PS2 puzzle games? Comment below and thank you for watching!
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Games shown in this order:
Adventures of Cookie and Cream
Katamari Damacy
Sega Classics Collection
Shadow of Colossus
Super Bust A Move 2
Supper Monkey Ball Deluxe
Tetris Worlds

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  1. Wait… There's a sequel to Devil Dice?! (Runs to eBay)

  2. Yes haven't heard of some of them, I love SEGA games, I love Tetris, Shadow Of The Colors,

  3. Katamari maybe the trippiest game of the PS2. Even if you don't take drugs (not condoning it), the dialogue and cutscenes makes you feel like you are.

  4. Love these videos. PS1,2&3 are my favourites if you take requests 👍✌️

  5. Shadow of the colossus is a great game. I played this game in various versions. Excelent !!! Greetings John Hancock from Venezuela. I always follow your channel which is very entertaining

  6. I agree that Tetris and Bust-A-Move are both classics. However, I never liked Columns. I played it on the Game Gear and thought it was dull. Is the PS2 version better?

  7. Shadow of the Colossus, Ico, Katamari are definitely NOT cheap games.

  8. Thanks dude! Always looking for fun retro puzzle games.

  9. Thank you for always having a positive demeanor. Very pleasant to watch!

  10. Great 👏 and any chance of a ps2 driving games please 🤔

  11. I'm surprised PuzzleQuest isn't on this list. It is my personal favorite puzzle game on the ps2.

  12. For some reason I never did play through Shadow of the Colossus on my ps2, even though I've had a copy for like a decade. Maybe I'll do that next.

  13. Cookie & Cream is called Kuri Kuri Mix over here. Its a great game, though alot harder to play by yourself, since you control both characters. But great cooperatively! I'd also recommend the large PS2 model over the slim, as I've had slim PS2's scratch my disks before! (Plus the larger model plays more PS1 games!)

  14. There is also Lumines Plus on the PS2, and it is really cheap on ebay right now.

  15. Love these videos! Thank you and keep them coming

  16. A new Good 'n Cheap! Always entertaining (and helpful). Happy Holidays, John!


    Also, super happy to see Cookie & Cream on the list. Fantastic game!

    Great video as always, John!

  18. Fantavision on PS4 is not a remake. It is a remaster. Upscaled to HD.

  19. For xbone and pc check out Talos Principle. Excellent puzzle game. Turing Test is another good one.

  20. I LOVE the PS2. I had bought one when it was the newest console out there. I enjoyed it a lot.

  21. Great video John thank you! Hope you are enjoying the Series X!!

  22. Two soft chocolate chip cookies with a really good cream inbetween

  23. Not the most exciting puzzle game, but it's an interesting puzzle game to me anyway, 7 Wonders of the Ancient World. Saw it on PlayAsia and will probably get it in the near future.

  24. My biggest wish from Sony would be a PS2 classic version with a ps2 disc drive. Give us a couple dozen games but include the disc drive so my old ps2 game collection could be new again!!

  25. Good video! Nice selection of puzzle games for the PS2 system! I will have to look for that Bombastic one and Super Monkey Ball Deluxe, they look interesting!

  26. He had to mention Bombastic. I've been looking for that for a bit now and was hoping to find it at a convention, but of course those all got cancelled because of COVID-19. But now it will be on more people's radar and I would prefer to not have the extra competition. Oh well.

  27. Also didn't know about Bombastic , also runs to ebay !

  28. ICO definitely blew me away back in the day

  29. Funny how I got a ad for a puzzle game when watching this video. Great stuff John.

  30. There's a Sega Ages Tetris release also on PS2….

  31. Aqua Aqua is another great PS2 puzzle game that is still cheap

  32. One game I'd recommend is Aqua Aqua the sequel to Wetrix on the N64 and DC

  33. Bombastic is amazing! I finally played it for the first time, since I sent it to you, I owed it to myself. BOY, it is fantastic!

  34. Puyo Puyo Fever should be here, any Puyo game really, I don't know how much time I've put into the series now, the competitive element is just so addictive, great to play with your friends too, although if I tried to play with anyone I know irl it would probably suck for them.

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