Evolution of Tyre Popping logic in GTA Games #evolution #gta - evolve-gaming.com

Evolution of Tyre Popping logic in GTA Games #evolution #gta

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evolution of GTA games over the years, comparing the gameplay and how it has changed.


  1. Gta4 is what gta6 should look like

  2. The Combat Footage Collective (TCFC) 🇨🇦 says:

    "I wear womens underwear" ayo thats a tad sus bro

  3. I’ll say it now.

    Rockstar either put more effort, time or higher skill diff into GTA IV > V

    I enjoyed GTA V for the story and locational setting.

    Damn man, it would of been nice to have the level of detail and physics into V

  4. ꀤ ꀸꂦꈤ,꓄ ꍟᐯꍟꋪ ꓄ꂦ ᖘ꒒ꍏꌩ ꁅ꓄ꍏ 3 ꍏꁅꍏꀤꈤ.

  5. Am i the only one that popped the tires in SA just to drift the shit out of the roads?

  6. My favourite thing about GTA V is it allows you to buy bulletproof tires amd that saves a lotta headache

  7. I love how it sparkles on GTA VC even riding on sand 🤣

  8. We need GTA V with GTA IV physics

  9. how to build a drift car in san andreas:
    step 1: smoke its tires
    step 2: do duriftooooo

  10. Why i hear in cavalcade's tires this :UEUEUEUEUEUEUEUE"?

  11. Just to make ur english better its spelled as "tire" not tyre have a good day! ^^

  12. GTA 3: invulnerable
    GTA Vice city: idk
    San Andreas: Tokyo drift
    GTA 4: real life
    GTA 5: can't shoot rims

  13. I also realized at some point: in San Andreas, shooting a vehicles wheel only will pop the tire (even shooting the rims), but it won't do any more damage to the car. I kept shooting one car's wheel with a minigun some years ago, and it was just sitting there, swallowing every bullet.

  14. Фонк дрифт я хасаню

  15. Idk why but i like it when gta tire pps it let's u drift like a god

  16. GTA III has defiantly age poorly like Milk with its lifeless environment and crappy physics.

  17. i love finding cars to chase with my car and pop their tires following them and seeing where they fall or hit and fly off

  18. 2001 kids when plsyung gta 3:i got to run from the cops,i know,the tirees can't pop,mission succesfull
    When vice city released
    :wait the tires can pop now!!
    Meanwhile on a 3 star pursuit:aahhhhhh!!!,hellp mee!!,i cant control the stupid car!!

  19. Gta 3: invulnerable
    San Andreas: Tokyo drift

  20. Anyone else remember running popped tires at the gta4 airport to win races

  21. Gta 4 needs a remaster
    Fuck all the gta 6 and gta 5 expanded and enhanced

    We need gta 4 remastered

  22. Historically accurate 90s cars are really good at drifting

  23. I swear half of the comment is just either cringe or from a bot

  24. GTA Vice City , Liberty City Stories and Vice City Stories can be piped by Stringers

  25. U should do fastest car from each game next

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