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Evolution of TANKS LOGIC in GTA Games (2001-2020)

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• Let’s take a look at the Evolution/Comparison of TANKS LOGIC in GTA Games (2001 to 2020) through a series of 3 tests, with funny GTA Wins & Fails moments.

• Games covered: GTA 3, Vice City, San Andreas, GTA 4 & GTA 5! GTA 6 will also be covered when it releases.

00:06 Test #1: Tank vs. Cars
05:35 Test #2: Tank Turret vs. Environment
07:51 Test #3: Tank vs. Cops
More tests are planned for TANKS LOGIC #2.

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The video also showcases the GTA Graphics and Gameplay evolution over the years!




  2. Remember that guy named Shawn Nelson? He was a depressed former Army soldier (National Guard, I think) who stole a tank and went on a rampage throughout San Diego

  3. Gta 3 tank is made of bedrock's and nokia hahahaha😂😂

  4. 1:40 pretty sure you can dodge cars by making Claude jump away lol

  5. Gta6 whatfuck 😳😯😯😯😯 i hate emojis

  6. Damn what is your pc to point GTA 4 does not drop frame rate.

  7. 7:26 WHAT is the NAME of the SONG???? ive been finding it for a year… Literally

  8. Fun Fact: in GTA San Andreas if the tank gets on fire for a long time, it will explode, but if you fire a rocket at the tank, it will not explode

  9. 1:40 did u see there's in the yellow sign board a rockstar games board

  10. I am surprised you didn't mention that in San Andreas if you continue to fire the turret behind the tank you continue to pick up speed

  11. I love you're videos and its funny that's why I subscribe 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  12. The Balla gang member was like "I'm in a good mood today so I'll help the cops stop this guy" and gets crushed to death not even 5 seconds later

  13. Vice City is just a retextured version of GTA III

  14. For anyone wondering. if you kill/destroy enough law enforcement at max stars in San Andreas the wanted level disappears

  15. you useing cheat code to explode if you truch the car

  16. I like the apc tank it’s very fast at shooting

  17. Ah what a lovely day of chaos in Los Santos.

  18. Cop: ahhh!!!
    Cj: you picked the wrong tank fool!!!

  19. Gta 5 is like our land everything real happens at that game

  20. I like slapping cars with the gta v rhino cannon more than just shooting them

  21. If we have no tanks in tbogt then LETS USE A MOTHA FUCKING NOOSE TANK!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. 7:12 The turret is like "f**k off!"
    Or as we'd say in spanish "a ching*r a su madre!" hahahaha

  23. 7:03 – I can only think of the Heavy Weapons Guy shouting "Izz so tiny!"

  24. Damn when I was a kid the tank confusing when he bumb on car it explode what a tank

  25. No joke about 3D era tanks having lateral doors? K…

  26. Only GTA IV the ballad of gay tony has a tank, so that APC is OP if you want a 6 star wanted level.

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