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Evolution of PUNCH LOGIC in GTA Games (2001-2022)

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This video showcases the evolution/comparison of PUNCH LOGIC in GTA Games through a series of tests, with funny GTA gameplay moments.

Games covered: GTA 3, Vice City, San Andreas, GTA 4 & GTA 5. GTA 6 (GTA VI) will also be covered when it releases.

00:00 – Test #1: Punch vs. Cops
03:43 – Test #2: Punching Police Vehicles
06:02 – Test #3: Can punches destroy a car?

The video also showcases the GTA graphics and gameplay evolution through the years!

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  1. Your all videos are really fun to watch and entertaining

  2. who remembers the slow motion thing in gta 3? i always go to the hostpital to get the slow motion circle and make slow motion sounds like iimm inn ssloowe moootioonnn, and punch cops! HAHAHA i always play gta 3 back then…

  3. Dropped a Like For The Homies Loyal 👍

  4. Cops: punch Carlos

    Homies: not your day motherf*cker

  5. 3:10 I guess this guy see the future

    (If you watch the Oscar thingy you know it)

  6. i just closed my eyes and listened to the music…

  7. Niko may not be able to punch a car until it explodes, but he can kick it until it does.


  9. I love how when enxgma says that the protagonist is arrested he actually dies that time 😂

  10. This is just the best lol

  11. You Cant Damage Cars In GTA IV

  12. Idk why but punching vice city cars is so satisfying

  13. Homie: 'notices CJ being shot at by the military and chased by tanks

    Homie: 'proceeds to pull out his pistol and shoot the tank'


  14. Claude : cop die aaa
    Random stranger : peace out

  15. Bruhhhh lmaooo 1:34 ain’t no way that random ped killed BOTH cops AND u caught that on tape 😂😂😂

  16. GTA 3 is basically just GTA Online but with NPCs.

  17. I love how GTA3 npc's destroy each other randomly

  18. 1:45 fun fact:the cops is using their batons and punch CJ but if you hold a weapon the cop immediately pulled up a gun and start shot Busta CJ

  19. I never in my life thought that a punch need to make sense but here we are

  20. Franklin just gave that cop an Ottoman slap

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    Test #1: Punching a Cop (00:06)

    Test #2: Punching Cop Vehicles (03:43)

    Test #3: Can you destroy a car with punches? (06:02)

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