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Evolution of MAP BOUNDARIES LOGIC in GTA Games (2001 – 2021)

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In today’s video, we’ll take a look at the Evolution/Comparison of MAP BOUNDARIES/LIMITS/EDGE LOGIC in GTA Games (from 2001 to 2021) through a series of tests in: GTA 3, Vice City, San Andreas, GTA 4 & GTA 5!

The video also contains funny GTA Gameplay moments & map glitches. GTA 5 Expanded & Enhanced + GTA 6 will also be covered whenever they release.

00:00 – Test #1: Boat vs. Map Boundaries
05:16 – Test #2: Planes vs. Map Boundaries
08:53 – Test #3: Cheats vs. Map Boundaries

The video also showcases the GTA Graphics and Gameplay evolution over the years!

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  1. He put the weight on forward button and the boat keep moving

  2. What's the cheats of every gta game that you used in this video…love from india 💜💜

  3. Fun Fact: GTA Vice City is so funny that it has a visible wall lol imagine

  4. Mr beast is right according to games the earth is flat

  5. Fun fact you can kill the shark in GTA v so you can have infinite but you have to swim

  6. Fact . In gta vice city, get a tank drive backwards while shooting . It help you cross the barrier .

  7. I'm wondering how the hell paramedics found Franklin's body miles off the Pacific coast

  8. my pc is very low, so please support me

  9. On one Cj crashing in the ocean in the plane: I HATE GRAVITY

  10. yA!! You`re back! loved it man!!! BTW could you do a Michael Jackson montage for GTA games? the evolution of MJ in gta games?

  11. ENXGMA logic:
    -there are 4 games in GTA series
    -only 3D and HD GTA games exists
    -he's still an awesome youtuber

  12. Also you can kill a shark in GTA V
    Edit: and you can drown in GTA IV

  13. I was suggested a channel by the name of Betaz. 2 months earlier they uploaded a video very similar to yours (it has 1.5 million views, too).

  14. you: Doing some dumb crap


  15. Hey did you know? There is an abandoned mine in GTA V, and if you bring all three characters there, they will just stand there doing nothing? U can take a we-fie with them and all but it’s kinda creepy 🤣
    Its near the offroad truck race and a location for the murder mystery for micheal

  16. In gta 6 there will be river monster in map boundaries so no one could go any forward from there

  17. I am waiting for the day enxgma run out of idea

  18. Evolution of water life in GTA and rdr please

  19. Sharks waits for you when you get pass the boundaries

  20. vice city no1 ! but if they remake it they better not have random copyright free spotify crap songs, we want the original songs !
    that said I like the "soft wall" where the vehicle just slows down and stops "that's enough now come back"

  21. finnaly man legend has posted another logic video noice

  22. I wished when we fly to map boundaries we will reach vice city lol

  23. Sharks were very happy in the making of this video

  24. In GTA 5 shark will only attack you if you are still trying to get out of Los Santos but if you will try to return it won't kill u

  25. Gta 5 is like subnautica but is thas shark and subnautica has ghost leviathan

  26. Map boundaries in GTA :
    GTA 3, Vice City, Liberty City Stories, Vice City Stories : I'm gonna stop you right there

    GTA San Andreas, GTA 4 and Its episode : I'll allow it

    GTA 5 : So you have chosen…death

  27. Did you use mode for airbreaker cheat or its in a real gta games.

  28. Where is my friend big smoke 😅 my dogggggg wh 😅😅atsapp 😊

  29. For gta 5, what happen after we kill that friendly shark?

  30. fun fact gta VC the boat in the distance is actually a brown image overed in fog shaped like a boat and a flat image which follows you

  31. U say u will select the winner in a few days!!
    1 month ago!!!! Who is the winner !!!!

  32. Let's hit 15K likes & I'll drop a new episode! & Don't forget to Subscribe 🙏
    ↓ Timestamps ↓
    00:00 – Test #1: Boat vs. Map Boundaries

    05:16 – Test #2: Planes vs. Map Boundaries

    08:53 – Test #3: Cheats vs. Map Boundaries

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