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Evolution of HULK LOGIC in GTA Games (2001-2022)

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Let’s take a look at the Evolution/Comparison of Marvel’s HULK (Mods) logic in GTA Games (2001 to 2020) through a series of tests:

00:00 – TEST #1: Hulk vs. Fall Damage
02:40 – TEST #2: Hulk vs. Cars
07:32 – TEST #3: Hulk vs. Water

Games covered: GTA 3, Vice City, San Andreas, GTA 4 & GTA 5. GTA 6 will also be covered whenever it releases. The video also showcases the evolution of Graphics & Gameplay in GTA games.

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  1. All the other hulks: incredibly powerful creature
    GTA 3 hulk: green claude

  2. !A joke : Gta III huk is the strongest
    But actually Gta V hulk seems the strongest
    2nd : SA hulk
    3rd : Vc hulk
    4th: Gta IV hulk
    5th: Gta III hulk

  3. O Hulk do GTA SA é mais forte pois faz os carros voarem na maior velocidade

  4. GTA 5 Hulk: I am very powerful than all GTA Hulk

  5. GTA sa hulk: dingingnidvsofhpdgdodgdidgdudjd good dfdjdfdufsfishskdhfifhrud

  6. 4:22 Hulk “YOU WEAK!!!”
    NPC car HAAAAGGEEE!…..
    Busters Scream
    Hulk “HULK SMASH!” Kicks the car and fly 😂

  7. I feel like I am watching other 2024 hulk film❤

  8. Hulk punch in GTA San Andreas is the most powerful hit I ever seen, much powerful then all GTAs.

  9. Can the Hulk hit a tank with his fist in GTA San Andreas and the tank will fly into the sea?

  10. GTA 3 – 🙁
    GTA vice city – 😁
    GTA San Andreas – 😮‍💨
    GTA 4 – 🥶
    GTA 5 – ☠️💀☠️

  11. 😂😂😂Niko Bellic:I ain't got to do with that bull$#!t" please Niko:F*** off I'll take you bowling if you don't Niko:Noooooooo!

  12. Top 5 of gta hulk :
    1.hulk (gta 5)
    2.hulk (gta san Andreas)
    3.hulk (gta 4)
    4.hulk (gta vice city)
    5.hulk (gta 3) the shitest one

  13. Hulk spares the homies in SA because they wear green.

  14. Obviously GTA 5 has the best hulk ever!

  15. Wait wait with about the liberty city stories and vice city stories

  16. San Andreas punch is best 😂😂😂

  17. Gta 3 hulk 1990 don't hulk 1990 death rip hulk 1990 😔

  18. 4:10 I laughed so much after seeing what gta sa hulk's punch strength versus the car🤣

  19. anyone doesn't care that cj hulk's punch is like a cheat.

  20. GTA v Hulk is literally cloud a suit!!😂😂😂😂

  21. Can you do GTA V's hulk vs map boundary?

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