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Evolution of GUNS LOGIC in GTA Games! (2001 – 2022)

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Evolution/Comparison of GUNS (WEAPONS) LOGIC in GTA Games through a series of tests, with funny gameplay moments in between. Games covered: GTA 5, GTA 4, San Andreas, Vice City & III. GTA 6 (GTA VI) will also be featured whenever it releases.

00:00 – Pulling the Trigger
04:11 – Bullet Cartidges
07:44 – Gun Switching

All GTA LOGIC videos (Full Playlist)!


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  1. I've watched these when i was 10. I'm a Fan of these logics.

  2. Imagine you are a cop who is trying to arrest the criminal,but then he pulls out RPG out of his pocket😂😂😂

  3. The Background music is so nostalgic 😍

  4. Don't talk trash on gta san andreas because it's a legendary game and it will never die

  5. Legends know that video starting gun sound is IGI Project

  6. Please say which graphics mod u use? plz plz plz

  7. When he was showing the gun swapping thing or however u say it he said gta 55 but he ment gta 5

  8. Y’all are missing video games used to be about they were meant not to be real I don’t get why this generation wants everything to be perfect it doesn’t work like that sorry to say.

  9. Makes me curious what will gta vi will hold…

  10. If u rethink the logic for first 3 games, all the protagonists' fingers are glued together, so it makes sense why they can't pull the trigger.

  11. 2:35 it's an improvement but it's not hard to improve on garbage, try it again

  12. wait, franklin does pull the trigger, but the pistol shoots a rifle cartridge?

  13. Please start adding RDR2 to more of these videos

  14. The amazing graphics on GTA 5 3:04 lol I’m surprised the GTA 4 have some good quality

  15. The Beretta in GTA V ejects rifle brass.

  16. Which background music is this 🤔 , can anyone please share the link if it is available on you tube

  17. Which background music is this 🤔 , can anyone please share the link if it is available on you tube

  18. at 2:51 GTA 5 GTA 5 online GTA 6 GTA 7 and GTA 8 are both 100% accurate

  19. enxgma ! i subscribed you when you only had 80k subscribers or something and your lucky to have 840k subscribers

  20. That cinematic mode:👏🏼

    You can be a movie director dude😍🔥🤝

  21. Best animations: War Thunder

    Best weapon changing/carrying: Punisher and C.S.

  22. man the backround music is just nostalgic to me idk why

  23. i don't want to be "that guy" but the only reason rockstar did Max Payne 3 besides cashgrab nostalgia was tech demo for shooting mechanics.
    and it did perfectly
    trigger being pressed
    slide going back
    bullets being rendered
    empty casings leaving the gun
    so all they needed was to downgrade it properly for consoles and put it in gta 5

  24. The Golden Revolver in GTAO has cowboy style animation when you unequip it like the typical revolver spinning

    Let's hit 20k likes & I'll drop PART 2! 🔥

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