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Evolution of BLOOD LOGIC in GTA Games (2001-2021)

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Let’s take a look at the evolution/comparison of BLOOD LOGIC in GTA Games!

The video also showcases the evolution of Graphics & Gameplay in GTA games (GTA 3, Vice City, San Andreas, GTA 4 & 5).

TEST #1: Walking on Blood ——- 00:06
TEST #2: Driving on Blood ——— 03:32
TEST #3: Blood vs. vehicles —— 05:48
TEST #4: Blood vs Headshots — 07:28

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  1. 1:04 i hope you see this comment and reply, but. You walk on the bloody body and you take the blood from it, like. dead body, you step on it, you make presure what pushes the blood out, and it pushes on your shoe

  2. Blood vs vehicle gta san andreas ncp say ho ly sh*t

  3. To be honest in gta 5 they only focused on detail but not that much logic.

  4. Random comment
    He ran over grove street families in GTA V I think

  5. 2 minutes of silence when enxgma thrashed the people but not the homies

  6. ENXGMA u were wrong on the gta sa test 1 bc the foot prints added 1 more so not the same logic as gta 3 and vc

  7. i love this clam music it put me at est *not the stuff that happen lol

  8. GTA III: Ketchup
    GTA Vice CIty: Ketchup
    GTA San Andreas: Still Ketchup
    GTA IV: Realistic blood
    GTA V: Kind of real looking, weird effects

  9. GTA IV has the best blood logic but not grafics

  10. while I drink a glass of cola while I watch the video

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  12. Rescue Rostock 911- emergency response says:

    3:26 there is a bloody footprint in front of franklin

  13. did anyone notice that when cj got out of the car he also left bloody prints in test 2

  14. You do leave bloody footprints in gta v idk why it didn't happen for you though

  15. Besiege be like: crash into guy= now car with blood wheel

  16. Rip To those Npc's who got shot and got crush or got crash from a vehicle

  17. 9:20

    U can see on top of the right corner has a little bit secret right there

    A cookie

  18. 4:59 that's because blood can be on the tire and then when the tire rotates it leaves it there.

  19. 9:32 That's cuz blood comes out from his left to the left window , so it makes sense.

  20. In gta 5 I swear I see blood spot when you walk over the body

  21. The only possible explanation for not leaving shoe prints is not wearing shoes.

  22. In GTA vice City have better Cars then cybertruck

  23. Your gta 5 in this video looks like that it have graphics mod it have very sharp graphics

  24. Me. wtf why is he making an experiment about blood?!

  25. You're better than me🤣
    I kill people only when my speed is out of control.😅

  26. Blood vs cars are the best physics in gta 4 and 5

  27. Headshot on gta 4 has blood because as you shoot through the windows, the bullet impact causes blood to spray out, which is what you didn't understand

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