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Evolution of BLOOD LOGIC in GTA Games (2001-2021)

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Let’s take a look at the evolution/comparison of BLOOD LOGIC in GTA Games!

The video also showcases the evolution of Graphics & Gameplay in GTA games (GTA 3, Vice City, San Andreas, GTA 4 & 5).

TEST #1: Walking on Blood ——- 00:06
TEST #2: Driving on Blood ——— 03:32
TEST #3: Blood vs. vehicles —— 05:48
TEST #4: Blood vs Headshots — 07:28

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  1. 6:31 whos with you in the car *starts playing illuminati music

  2. Killing random npc for experiment makes the video great

  3. Even gta 3 has blood foot print and cyberpunk does not have them

  4. Another feature of the blood in GTA V is when you shoot an NPC with the likes of a shotgun, when they're next to someone and in that persona direction, blood will splatter onto them😃

  5. i dont feel sorry for these npcs gwahahaha

  6. No homies were harmed in the making of this video.

  7. Wait a minute I just realize that Claude is actually on gta san andreas because Catalina and Claude

  8. 9:38
    If u do it IRL, the blood gets out from the hole that bullet made, so it makes sense I think🙂

  9. gta 5 actually does have blood from drivers if you shoot them from the front. but it doesn't make sense like in gta 4

  10. CJ :
    " I'M GONNA GO


  11. imagine you’re a walking innocent pedestrian and someone kills you just to test if there’s a footprint in ground or nah

  12. In GTA 5 online You got bloody footprints. You even see barefoot footprints if you’re … well, barefoot. 😅

  13. In GTA V there is actually blood prints but it’s way less noticeable than the other games.you really have to go Sherlock Holmes to find it (or on correct platforms, Asphalt, grass, etc.)

  14. I think GTA V isn't very realistic with blood. If you got shot in the forehead, It's supposed to flush out or sprinkle out like a fountain.

  15. The reason for the blood on the window is because, if you shoot a person in a car, the blood will spray a little out of the first impact as the flow of blood is still pumping, therefore the logic of blood on the window makes sense

  16. The blood fountain made the first two GTA games amongst the most violent of all time 😬🙆🏽‍♂️

  17. tbh its good thing they removed the foot prints, as obviously if you step in blood you wont have full on bloody footprints as you walk around

  18. My dad when i play gta: later yo'ure car is covered in blood and your chased by the cops. (in tagalog).
    Me: no it wont happen!
    Me just after my father looks back: 👮🚗🚓

  19. In the test driving on blood in GTA 4 somehow the right wheel gets blood but the blood is only at the left wheel

  20. 3:25
    GTA V paramedics are paid to record deaths. I've never seen them helping some victim 😂😂😂😂

  21. I think vice city is best only because extra blood can squirt out if your head gets shot off

  22. Everybody gangsta till he does one of these vids irl

  23. I saw that in GTA5 the blood footprints were barely noticeable

  24. Let's take a look at the evolution of BLOOD LOGIC in GTA Games! & Follow me on Twitter for more updates! https://twitter.com/ENXGMA_YT
    TEST #1: Walking on Blood ——- 00:06
    TEST #2: Driving on Blood ——— 03:32
    TEST #3: Blood vs. vehicles —— 05:48
    TEST #4: Blood vs. Headshots — 07:28

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