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Ep. 104: LSAT Logic Games Explained – PT 1 (June 1991)

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Join Jon and Dave as they kick off a new podcast series: entire games sections from official PTs fully explained, from the setups and key inferences to the trickiest questions and answer choices, all deconstructed through the eyes of the masters themselves! In this episode they tackle PT 1 from June 1991, the first LSAT of the modern era and a set of games that even 30 years later has an incredible wealth of insights to offer.
Topic Timestamps:
0:00 – Intro
8:00 – This Week in the LSAT World
19:00 – June 1991 Logic Games – Section Overview
28:02 – Game 1: Trade Representatives
55:45 – Game 2: Computers and Printers
1:11:25 – Game 3: Law Firm Partners
1:30:35 – Game 4: Railway Tickets
1:46:26 – Outro

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  1. Is there a reason why the first logic games administration was the year after ADA? Irrespective of whether it was coincidental or not (my assumption, in the absence of evidence, is that it was), the optics are utterly dreadful. They might as well have added a phrenological exam requirement in 1965.

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