Draw 2 Save - Draw One Line to Solve Stickman Puzzle #shortvideo #gaming #viral #funny - evolve-gaming.com

Draw 2 Save – Draw One Line to Solve Stickman Puzzle #shortvideo #gaming #viral #funny

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Draw 2 Save – Draw One Line to Solve Stickman
Puzzle#short#gaming #viralFunny draw & puzzle stickman game. Draw lines to solve the puzzle!

Draw 2 Save – Draw One Line to Solve Stickman Puzzle

Would you like to test your IQ, creativity or drawing skills? Are you a genius of puzzle games? Do you know how to draw well in the puzzle games? Are you looking for a new original entertaining puzzle game?
Now you are having a good chance for brain test! 🥳
Let’s download Draw 2 Save – Experience tons of tricky puzzles featured by drawing! 🧐
This is a game combined with logical puzzle games and drawing test.
Use your brain, draw a line to protect the stickman from bombs, swords, bullets, arrows… and many other life-threatening attacks! You can draw stunts, walls, shelters, and any kind of protection to help the stickman to survive. Learn to draw lines creatively, develop your sense of logic and improve your brain!
Where is the limit of your IQ?
Try your best to pass all the levels and save the stickman!

✔ Draw only one line to finish the level task.
Ensure that you can solve the puzzle in one continuous line. Press to draw out your line, and lift your finger once you complete your drawing.
✔ Make sure your line will not hurt the stickman you need to protect.
Remember not to draw the line crossing the stickman you need to protect. Try to draw in the blank space.
✔ One level can have more than one answer.
Draw with your wild imagination! This is not only a test for your IQ, but also for your creativity as each puzzle has far more than one answer. Find out different surprising, interesting, unexpected, and even hilarious drawing solutions to the puzzles!

📌 Addictive and relaxing.
📌 Entertaining and time-killing.
📌 Simple physics system.
📌 Exercise your brain.
📌 Test both your IQ & creativity.
📌 Simple but interesting combination of logic puzzle games and drawing games.
📌 Endless fun and brain-pushing puzzles.

This is a IQ test of how much your brain knows about the creative ways to fix the problems.
Immerse yourself in the interesting world of stickman puzzle!

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