Create Original Logic Puzzles (SMALL puzzles) -

Create Original Logic Puzzles (SMALL puzzles)

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How to create a small logic grid puzzle, step by step.
For a larger puzzle and better sound quality, see my video “Create Original Logic Puzzles (LARGER puzzles)”
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Download similar puzzles and their solutions for free:

– Video Links –
Creating larger puzzles (better sound quality!): “Create NEW Logic Grid Puzzles!”

Ideas for clues: “25 Ways To WRITE Logic Puzzle Clues”

For kids, beginners: “KIDS Can Solve Logic Grid Puzzles! (Total beginners)”

For kids, multiple section grids: “Solve MULTIPLE-SECTION Logic Grid Puzzles!”

Older beginners: “Solve Logic Grid Puzzles: THE BASICS”

0:00 Learning goal
0:16 Step 1: Choose words
0:37 Step 2: Draw a grid
0:48 Step 3: Decide on the solution
1:13 Step 4: Choose the CLUE FACTS
2:31 Step 5: Fill in the rest
2:50 Step 6: Write clues
3:20 Steps 7 and 8: Make a clean copy and test your puzzle
3:29 A different way?

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  1. Thanks a lot!!! You gave me a nice and clear way to do it!!!! Thanks thanks thanks!!!

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