Create Original Logic Puzzles (Larger puzzles) -

Create Original Logic Puzzles (Larger puzzles)

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0:00 Draw a grid
0:15 Words, story
0:35 Pick the solution
0:52 Solutions in large grids
1:11 Why to use Clue Facts
1:47 How you can use Clue Facts
2:10 Fill-in marks
2:26 Pick the remaining Clue Facts
3:23 Multiple section grids
4:11 Use the Clue Facts to write clues
5:03 Make a clean copy and test your puzzle

Learn how to create your own, original logic grid puzzles from scratch!
With the tips and tricks in this video, anyone can create a new logic grid puzzle.

Download similar puzzles and their solutions for free:

Photo of wood in thumbnail/end screen (without logic grid puzzle) is by Photo Mix from Pixabay. All other images are original.

– Video Links –

Ideas for clues: “25 Ways To WRITE Logic Puzzle Clues”

For kids, beginners: “KIDS Can Solve Logic Grid Puzzles! (Total beginners)”

For kids, multiple section grids: “Solve MULTIPLE-SECTION Logic Grid Puzzles!”

Older beginners: “Solve Logic Grid Puzzles: THE BASICS”


  1. You lost me earlier on… I guess I am a little too dense!

  2. Finally someone explaining how to make CLUES to the puzzles. Thanks you for your video! Do you recommend any book about logic puzzle design?

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