Counter Logic Gaming (CLG) vs Team Dignitas (DIG) || NA LCS Summer 2013 W1D2 || Full Game HD -

Counter Logic Gaming (CLG) vs Team Dignitas (DIG) || NA LCS Summer 2013 W1D2 || Full Game HD

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An amazing back and forth 71 minute game! Epic Stuff in here 😉

North America League Championship Series Week 1 day 2, second game of the day – Counter Logic Gaming (CLG) vs Team Dignitas (DIG).

Counter Logic Gaming Line-up: Nientonsoh, bigfatlp, LiNk, Doublelift, Chauster
Dignitas Line-up: KiWiKiD, Crumbzz, scarra, Imaqtpie, Patoy


  1. I'm watching in 2023 because current league sucks 😀

  2. "70 minutes later they finally pull it out"…..seriously no one noticed that at the end.

  3. seriously, i know crumbzz is a good player and all
    but he just displayed what a bad zac can do to the team

  4. I only saw the last 20 mins of this game on the stream, but man that was intense as fuck

  5. I don't like CLG anymore, since I saw there documentary and heard about Doublelift's comment on EG.
    They seem to be arrogant and crying about how much they deserve to be the best, while still not winning any tournaments.

  6. Wtf were those blue buff minions doing

  7. props for the announcers for talking for 1hr +

  8. Graves: Buys Mercurial Scimitar, uses it, sells it and buys Guardian Angel, uses it, sells Guardian Angel und buys another Mercurial Scimitar.

  9. In 71 minutes finally pulls it out.
    Lol the sound of that.

  10. @jkbmgnb yeah you go that right also! dude this game is tight been playing all day =>

  11. with speed … amazing movement … you can watch Korea VS china in all stars event … Korea play nearly 70% with poweplay

  12. I dunno if you ever got a real answer… a powerplay is when you have an advantage. Like a 5v4 situation would be a powerplay for the team with 5.

  13. he is right, it is when you have more players in a team fight than the opposite team, but you should really watch or play some sports, league is great and all, but there's other things XD

  14. Clearly this guys knows what power-plays are, can't tell if he is trolling, ir completely stupid..:/

  15. digs zac is an idiot. I know he's "pro" but wat in the fuck was he doing, he lost them the game

  16. omfg… that janna knocking back kennen though at like 28 minutes LOL

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