Common Sense Test That 90% of People Fail -

Common Sense Test That 90% of People Fail

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Easy but fun personality test. It looks like common sense isn’t so common because according to research, 90% of adults get these questions wrong. Yet kids do just fine. That’s because grown-ups overcomplicate things while children use their common sense and don’t overthink. So follow their lead and let’s start!

1. Which word would you use if you needed to describe a person who doesn’t have all their fingers on one hand?
2. If a plane crashes right on the border between Canada and the United States, where should they bury the survivors?
3. Imagine that you’ve just entered a pitch black room. There’s an oil lamp, a newspaper, and some kindling wood inside the room, but you have only one match. You have to make a tough choice: what will you light first?
4. Mrs. Browny, despite her name, loves the color pink. Her bungalow is decorated entirely in the bubblegum color: pink carpet, furniture, curtains, even the walls are pink. So what color do you imagine the stairs are?
5. 5. One day a man got caught in the pouring rain. Unfortunately, he had no umbrella or hat or anything else he could use to stay dry. Yet not a single hair on his head got wet. How so?
6. How can it be that every single person in a plane crash died, but two people survived?
7. Time for a tricky one so be very attentive: what do you sleep on, sit on, and brush your teeth with?
8. In some months there are 31 days, in others there are 30. But how many months have 28 days?
9. A man dressed in all black from head to toe was walking in the middle of the road. All of a sudden, a huge black car with its headlights off came around the corner and screeched to a halt not to hit him. How on Earth did the driver of the car see the man in black?
10. There were three highly important rooms in the house of an extremely important man. One room was filled with valuable secret documents, the second one was full of money, and in the third room, the man kept expensive jewelry. But one day an arsonist set the house on fire and all the highly important rooms burst into flames. Which of the rooms did the police start to extinguish the fire first and foremost?
11. What’s the biggest problem with snow boots?
12. How do you put a giraffe in a refrigerator?
13. Now, how do you put an elephant in a fridge?
14. Noah builds one more ark and invites all the world’s animals to join him. Every single animal gets onboard, except for one. What animal doesn’t board the ark?
15. You’re hiking in the wilderness when you come upon a river. You have to cross it, but you know that crocodiles dwell in rivers there. How can you reach the opposite side without becoming a crocodile’s dinner?

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  1. bro it was so easy I got like 13/15 right

  2. Common sense says they would bury the survivors once they die one day, where they choose 😂

  3. One question, why should you take the giraffe out of the fridge before you put the elephant in? Can you not put both in? If you say they will not fit, how will you fit either one in?

  4. Some just seem so obvious but I didn't get it right 😂😅🤣

  5. Nice test… However I really missed the fingers question because we basically have 10 fingers or perhaps 8 fingers, 2 thumbs… All of them are not on one hand. 5 are on each. I guess I was thinking out of the box & confused myself. 😄

  6. I feel like i have the IQ of bubblegum stuck to someones shoe……😂

  7. my sense:
    1. fingerless
    2. where they were born
    3. newspaper
    4. bubble gum pink (outside sort of stairs)
    5. wearing a hat or something
    6. uh bdont know
    7. air??
    8. 12 (finally got one right)
    9. because they were blocking the sunlight??
    10. the first floor
    11. keep on slipping off my feet and so annoying what!!?? ? ??
    12. open the refridgerator then put it in DUH
    13. open the fridge and put the elephant in ofc (you said nothing about the girraffe or if its the same fridge )
    14. fish OFC and uhh for the elephant, it might be in the arc's fridge
    15. go on land or fly in an airplane

  8. Me making my own theroy that an oil lamp will need oil

  9. these arent common sense questions theyre trick questions darg😭

  10. These are not common sense questions. Their trick questions. Interesting, but the title of the video is misleading.

  11. why is it to hard,you cant put an elephant on the fridge😂

  12. Even though you are so smart you cant get this,this is freaky tricky

  13. This is not common sense my brain is hot😂😂😂😂

  14. 1 right 2 right 3 right 4 right 5 right 6 right 7 right 8 right 8 right 9 right 10 right 11 right 12 right 13 right 14 right 15 right

  15. At 0:06 I imagine his character looks like what he is in real life

  16. Number 14 had a whale outside of it and number 15 said that all the crocodiles were on the ark but only two can get on according to the Bible so one had to be wrong

  17. 4:11 – I AM being attentive. And you said, "be very attentative" THERE IS NO SUCH WORD AS ATTENTATIVE – it's attentive —and you're teaching people? You, me and EVERYOHNE makes mistakes but when you're putting something out to the whole planet, the LEAST you could do would be to check behind yourself. You know, be attentive – and not attentative – which is not a word !

  18. This is the most stupidest s***ever! You are just making stuff up!

  19. The 6th question made me finally stop watching this video

  20. bruh last question is dumbest in noah ark entire world is covered with water than how you survives and also hicking if everywhere is water

  21. You don't have common sense bro you need to check it first…..

  22. I got each and every question wright. I think that I have common sense😊🎉

  23. Noah didn't take all the animals

  24. Result

    What? All fingers are divided equally from tow of my hands

    You don't burry survivors they survived they're alive

    The match

    There's no second floor nor a place u can go upstairs so there's no stairs

    Cause he is bald haha

    Cause the are a couple there aren't single

    Idk, Welp

    12 months have 28th days

    Welp I didn't answer

    Welp didn't answer correct

    Didn't get to answer haha

    Open the door put it in and close it

    Open the door Take the giraffe out put the elephant in then close it

    The elephant cause it's still inside the fridge

    the crocodile is at the party just swim across

  25. i am going to have nightmares because of you

  26. The lost it at the elephant and giraffe part 😂

  27. GRAND plays on words indeed!!!!! I had to really start paying attention! Thank you for making me catch my off attention! lol

  28. im placing this comment down to mark my points you can also use it as a scoreboard

  29. These were tough questions to figure out…when I was 9!!

  30. NO….only liberals fail the common sense test because they don’t have any….it’s obvious because they voted for Biden and will do it again.

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