CLG vs TSM | Week 7 | Summer Split 2020 | Counter Logic Gaming vs. TSM -

CLG vs TSM | Week 7 | Summer Split 2020 | Counter Logic Gaming vs. TSM

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VOD of Counter Logic Gaming vs. TSM
LCS Summer Split 2020

Counter Logic Gaming Lineup:
Ruin – Top Gnar
Wiggily – Jungle Graves
Pobelter – Mid Galio
Stixxay – Bot Ashe
Smoothie – Support Braum

TSM Lineup:
Broken Blade – Top Ornn
Spica – Jungle Jarvan IV
Bjergsen – Mid Cassiopeia
Doublelift – Bot Ezreal
Treatz – Support Karma

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  1. My fucking god! How is the name of the song that sound while he picking champs??? 5:28

  2. wtf happened with Wiggly men?. Just last year he was having a MVP type of year and out of nowhere he turn into arguably the worst jungler in the League

  3. 19:25 Bjerg realizes he's so big rn and needs water immediately to keep his powerspike

  4. Tsm is not in the same page all the time , some what of a miscommunication

  5. I hate junglers like wiggly, they're useless and worse than trash. You have all the advantages, but you're dumb and don't know how to play. You pretty much got outplayed by a lower level jarven. Then again, he's on my list of garbage players so I'm not surprised. FreeLG, same as usual.

    Forgot to mention one more thing, wiggly sucks, but ruin is just as bad.

  6. Lol imagine putting Bjerg on Casio, and the team doesnt play through him.

  7. LCS macro game is somewhere around silver 2 rank 😀

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