CLG vs TSM | Week 6 | Spring Split 2020 | Counter Logic Gaming vs. TSM -

CLG vs TSM | Week 6 | Spring Split 2020 | Counter Logic Gaming vs. TSM

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VOD of Counter Logic Gaming vs. TSM
LCS Spring Split 2020

Counter Logic Gaming Lineup:
Ruin – Top Rumble
Wiggily – Jungle Rek’Sai
Pobelter – Mid Viktor
Stixxay – Bot Varus
Smoothie – Support Tahm Kench

TSM Lineup:
Broken Blade – Top Mordekaiser
Dardoch – Jungle Jarvan IV
Bjergsen – Mid Zoe
Kobbe – Bot Ezreal
Biofrost – Support Senna

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  1. There’s no way Bjerg doesn’t get let go after this season or just retire. He hasn’t carried in a long time and he’s on a team that just gets worse and worse every split for the last several years

  2. I see that the dislikes are tsm fans. I can understand the frustration

  3. Lol so far this season TSM has gone 0-2, 2-0, 2-0, 0-2, 2-0, and 0-2

  4. Imagine being so butthurt about your team getting dicked that you come to the VOD just to downvote LMFAO!

  5. wtf are those dislikes lmao. guess some people couldn't take the L.

  6. My complete and utter lack of faith in CLG has paid off! They finally beat TSM!!!!

  7. Brokenblade is bad man lol get another top laner at this point Hauntzer was more stable and that's what TSM need's also Kobe doesn't do anything… I blame ownership and management for this downfall, You suck for destroying this team and letting your ego get the best of the team, as a businessman poor decisions
    were made.

  8. I dont get how Bjerg is so desperately far behind Pob in terms of gold.
    I mean, he's a full Banshees behind for most of the game ffs.
    Also this is the second time i've seen Nashor second on Morde and it sucks unless you are into 3+ tanks (and even then Rylai's could be better). It's time to stop people!

  9. Honest question: if you are not happy that your garbage team lost, why even came here to downvote the video? Just suck it up and be it lmao

  10. Something something truly counter logic

  11. I keep telling Bjergsen to shave and start playing assassins again.

  12. Dude I literally said to my friend before the match "it isn't really tsm unless they lose this game"

  13. Sneaky WILL be on a roster come summer. To beat CLOUD9…. you need someone close to CLOUD9's players. Sneaky joining EG or 100T would be poetic reuniting with old teammates. IT SHALL BE DONE LCS. Think of how sick he would look in those uniforms too.

  14. Watching other region’s no name is so far a head than lcs no name players. This rumble and rek’sai just made it harder to win a free game.

  15. If you ever wonder why NA sucks, just watch this game and recall that none of these teams wanted to sign Pobelter in the off-season.

  16. The lick that sticks. Dear god may rivington never cease casting. Seriously underestimated. Got the one liners like phreak but aren’t cringe worthy.

  17. where is the dmg graph? i wanna see the zoe "damage"

  18. So happy for Pobelter, even though they lost both games last week he was the best performing member of CLG, and now beating TSM, awesome!

  19. TSM fans expect another disappointing year, they aren't going to worlds.

  20. What a terrible draft by TSM. There is no cohesion with those champions at all. Mid game team fighting is not great, and pick potential is ok. CLG's draft won the game.

  21. I used to be a TSM fan, but the past couple years they have been doing very questionable changes to their team… At this point i want to see TSM relegated.

  22. TL Pobelter helping the org by beating TSM to even out those standings fuck yeah 😀

  23. Bjerg looking like a ghost in this game. If TSM can lose to CLG at this point in the split they might not make it to playoffs. If they do, they probably lose in the first round.

  24. Damn bjerg hands were shaking after that rough

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