CLG vs TSM Highlights LCS Summer 2020 W7D3 Counter Logic Gaming vs Team SoloMid by Onivia -

CLG vs TSM Highlights LCS Summer 2020 W7D3 Counter Logic Gaming vs Team SoloMid by Onivia

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CLG vs TSM Highlights LCS Summer 2020 W7D3 Counter Logic Gaming vs Team SoloMid by Onivia
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  1. i'm a tsm fan but at this point i dont even know what they are doing?! they get a great start by giving Bjerg 2 kills on Cassio and then just completely throw their lead due to their macro. DL basically afk farming, Spica 3 levels behind enemy jungler, Brokenblade getting caught multiple times.. theyre lucky CLG threw even worse because Ruin teleported late without rage in the last dragon fight, but what is this??!😂

  2. aptal BB amerikalıların dedıgı kadar var cok fazla abartılıyor. ultını mezara götür.

  3. That throw from CLG👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  4. what a terrible game by both sides. CLG drafting an early comp and does nothing until 14 minutes. Brokenblade and spica taking turns inting. Then CLG gets outscaled finally.

  5. Disappointing as always CLG. I miss the CLG in 2016.

  6. CLG's players just looks dead on the inside but it's understandable with all the crap that's going on in the world…

  7. wait that is bjergsen?
    He looks different

    kid –> 50 old man –> 30 man

  8. Bjerg looking like a Russian now, can't wait to see what form will he choose next

  9. Another Win for TSM! Sure it's always not the cleanest but a win is a win and it's well deserved. I know many people out there saying " TSM suck, this and that" sure they are not first and second team but at least they are 3rd and that good enough, they are not that consistent yet, and still have to improve to catch up to C9 and TL. Glad it's a 2-0 weeks well play TSM! #TSM

  10. I dont understand why ruin built randuins…i understand the slow aspect of it, but TSM was mostly AP or tanks, while ezreal relies more on landing skills shots. Ruin woulda been much metter off with finishing either his spirit visage or adaptive helm….i don't think TSM won this game; CLG basically gave them the free win after inting from dragon soul

  11. This game is painful to watch. Like questions mark everywhere.

  12. 4:45 min. Doublelift, Doublelift everywhere.

    PD: I cannot understand why Doublelift returned to TSM, if we know exactly why he left: I. Why do I emphasize this? Because when you play TSM vs a KR team (or top ten), That positioning is PAID EXPENSIVE (Excuse my English)

  13. "Major Region" the level of LoL is rather Bronze in China than "Major Region". Overpaid oldies with 0 mechanics 7:00 Go watch.

  14. why when I'm watching lcs I always get sleepy?

  15. Even if TSM won, they played rly poorly early game . Well sill ggs

  16. Hahahaha. Intro boys. One move does it all. Hahahaha

  17. Yikes. Glad TSM won of course but holy hell is CLG bad….they really had a good chance to win and just throw them away.

  18. 4:55 What the fuck was Doublelift doing there although Ashe has ultimate?

  19. 1:34, all bjerg had to do to not get hit by that arrow was Press "s" -_-
    and he knew ashe/braum was there cos they literally cleared a pink and sweeped a ward.

  20. amazing videos dude, keep up the hard work 😀

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