CLG vs TSM Highlights LCS Summer 2020 W4D3 Counter Logic Gaming vs Team SoloMid by Onivia -

CLG vs TSM Highlights LCS Summer 2020 W4D3 Counter Logic Gaming vs Team SoloMid by Onivia

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CLG vs TSM Highlights LCS Summer 2020 W4D3 Counter Logic Gaming vs Team SoloMid by Onivia
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  1. Omg both team played so bad….I can't watch this anymore. NA is a dumpster fire.

  2. seeing how na teams win games just make me lose hope for this region… our best team isnt even top 10 in the world rn. this is just disgusting to watch

  3. Smoothie bobo wala bilang!! Palitan na pati c Wiggly.


  5. DoubleLift is Ex CLG
    BioFrost is also Ex CLG

    Smoothie is once an ex TSM too

  6. Lcs is just so painful to watch and this is just the highlights. Imagine watching or casting the game….

  7. 9:18 is when you have a fed teammate in solo queue and believes that he can 1v9 then choked by looking for a kill LUL

  8. Clearly Lack Gamesense vs Throw Some Midgames.

  9. As a ADC player I fell DL getting bullied by Voli and nautilus Ult every single teamfight

  10. When bjerg picks azir, syndra and zilean its always a high chance of winning

  11. Whats good about clg is they dont trade players too often, they like to stick with their players thats why they built their chemistry now.

  12. 1:35 idk if this was a prediction by BB, but if it was, it's low key brilliant. You can always time your flash to Ornn's knock up because he has to wait for it to come in before he can hit it at you. By flashing backwards himself right as the ult is about to come in, he both wastes Ruin's flash and puts himself in perfect position to land it afterwards.

  13. I really like TSM but how are they 2nd place?? 2 times with Baron they don‘t go for inhib toplane and play around the inhibs so poorly that they needed 3x baron and 1x elder to finish..

  14. Well no wonder why C9 look so dominant lmao. Other teams are just making it so easy for them.

  15. I thought spica wardhopping in base and just dying to corki was the worst. Then Pobelter decided to step it up a notch.

  16. all 3 times that Ruin died in the early game, wiggily was doing his krugs lmao. horrible jungler.

  17. From this game pretty easy you can assume tsm sux ballz

  18. I dont know, on a professional level the amount of mistakes by these teams is the huge difference between LPL, LCK and even EU from NA. I makes it almost unwatchable to a certain degree. Someone needs to step in into the LCS before it continues to bleed out.

  19. Thank you PoB! We TSM fans appreciate your sacrifice! <3
    On a serious note, Idk if I like BrokenBlade on Orn…He did fine and him and Spica syn pretty well (stop flaming him, as if every Lee ever hit every Q plz spare me) but It would feel less scary if he was on a fed carry vs Orn. Also Bio is still inting a lil too much if he is the one making some of these calls (don't have coms so idk). That decision to go in at 0:40 was p bad.
    Also still not sure how I feel about Voli. If he doesn't hit his ult it just feels instantly useless. I wonder if hexflash would help? Could flank easier, hexflash, then ult.

  20. Bjergsen consistently great play as he's been doing his whole career

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