CLG vs TSM Highlights LCS Spring 2020 W6D2 Counter Logic Gaming vs Team Solo Mid LCS Highlights 2020 -

CLG vs TSM Highlights LCS Spring 2020 W6D2 Counter Logic Gaming vs Team Solo Mid LCS Highlights 2020

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CLG vs TSM Highlights LCS Spring 2020 W6D2 Counter Logic Gaming vs Team Solo Mid LCS Highlights 2020
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  1. Why the hell were they all behind in tempo. Why were they grouping and still losing dragons. Clg just won cause they had more farm kekw

  2. Holly shit BB had 2 really special games this week

  3. bjergsen was just watching whenever his team engaged. he was 0/1/1 35 minutes into the game LMAO

  4. Please for the love of god BB and Kobbe needs to find another team. They're wasted in FreeSM. I mean Wiggily played bad this game and yet they still can win. My honor to Ruin for those awesome ults. Not the best but still on point. CLG deserves to win

  5. I remember some TSM fan saying that TSM 'would have a 2-0 weekend incoming…'

    I think he got the numbers around the wrong way.

  6. Someone please find Bjerg his glasses, he's clearly struggling without them. Also….Breaking Point pt. 2 LETSSSS GOOOOOOOOO

  7. I know everyone is busy flaming TSM and talking about dislikes but I am just glad to see the Notorious POB back on the main LCS stage again. It was almost criminal that this guy didn't get a position on a main LCS team so I'm glad to see him back once again.

  8. Dardoch played so fuckin horribly this game, and im a jg main i aint trynna just blame jg lmao

  9. I'm challenging TSM with my Gold Elo Clash Team.

  10. I can't be the only one who doesn't watch this trash region

  11. This Dardoch is really bad so useless. But after watching Hauntzer's Morde, Broken Blade bleed my eyes what a terrific gameplay lul

  12. So Senna s ult goes through even after knockup. Disgusting company.

  13. Dardoch is going to elevate TSM to God-like status! LOL 😀

  14. Don't you just feel sorry for Kobbe?! Biofrost is like, can I just go back to CLG already!?

  15. Hey Bio, you gonna be playing Senna, go watch some pro view so you know what's what.

    It was later revealed Bio was watching Doublelifts Senna play.

  16. Tourrets is so smooth its like mobile legends tourret health

  17. lol bjergsen was so useless in this game

  18. i think tsm's coaching is really bad, they're just not on the same page

  19. I always like the video no matter what, because I support Onivia

  20. Wait, why is Pobelter in CLG? Wasn't he at IMT?

  21. Bjerg should leave TSM.

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