CLG vs TL | Week 7 | LCS Summer Split | Counter Logic Gaming vs Team Liquid (2021) -

CLG vs TL | Week 7 | LCS Summer Split | Counter Logic Gaming vs Team Liquid (2021)

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VOD of Counter Logic Gaming vs Team Liquid
LCS Summer Split 2021

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  1. time for clg to just retire as a brandits just embarrassing to watch this organization sink this low, to basically becoming a defunct outfit full of has-been pros the sylas flash at 26:00 tells you basically everything you need to know about the extent to which this team does not belong in the LCS

  2. Hear me out… CLG needs to bring back Doublelift 😎

  3. Am I the only one who really hates crumz casting?

  4. I feel bad for Broxah. It just seems like he's a good player stuck with teammates that are permanently inting.

  5. From Fanatic world finals to CLG. This is sad

  6. Sylas flashing for a kill at 26:13 was the most bronze/silver level mentality thing I've ever seen in LCS. I don't think he's really that good. Also he didn't know how to take advantage of wave control in mid lane as a melee vs. ranged comp. He ate so many Luci punishing trades and did nothing in return. I feel like if I had him on my team I'd afk.

    Edit: plus he ended up dying and getting someone else killed and didn't even get the kill himself.

  7. You see what happens when you bring back Alphari?

  8. You know things are shitty when even WILDTURTLE, the happiest and most positive person to ever live, look like he wants to kill himself BEFORE the draft is even finished. @9:05

  9. The fact that TL and TL fans think they are going to accomplish anything internationally with Alphari is hilarious 😂. Origin couldn't even win LEC and they had WAAAAY better players in every roll except mid.

  10. The fact that CLG ended up getting an ace at the end is kind of embarrassing for TL.

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