CLG vs TL | Week 1 | LCS Summer Split | Counter Logic Gaming vs Team Liquid (2021) -

CLG vs TL | Week 1 | LCS Summer Split | Counter Logic Gaming vs Team Liquid (2021)

LoL Esports VODs and Highlights
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VOD of Counter Logic Gaming vs Team Liquid
LCS Summer Split 2021

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  1. Imagine getting inted by Jensen and Tactical for a whole split and then beeing the one getting swapped out

  2. CoreJJ with a couple embarrassing mechanical flubs, one of which could have been the turning point of the game. If you are really going to commit your flash, don't go for the pre-stun auto. Your damage is garbage, it's not going to make the difference. And just recently around baron pit, you showed you don't have the 3-hit timing down when you attacked a ward. Should have gone for the immediate stun into ultimate, it was already a guaranteed kill and your single pre-Q auto in the late game was never going to make the difference. That is almost exclusively for early game trades where a single auto is actually meaningful. Now, CoreJJ could have redeemed himself with the ult (which would have actually been even better because then you also get Jhin's flash for free), but he flubbed his ult placement as well 😑. Anyway, long-time fan of CoreJJ and he also had some great plays this game, but it's unfortunate to see error this because it resulted in the loss of a guaranteed kill onto Jhin (whose Cleanse was on cooldown), as well as two deaths when CLG turned the fight around. So basically, that single Leona pre-Q auto-attack cost TL the equivalent of 3 assisted kills i.e. 1,440 gold, as well as any benefit they would have gotten in the 5v4 with Jhin dead — most likely Cloud drake which would put them at Soul point. Basically, the most expensive auto-attack I've ever seen. Leona players, please turn off your auto-Q-auto plays at 10-15 minutes, thank you.

  3. dude I love those high production edited contents. Cant get enough of those. definitively always a strength of yours

  4. Jenkins is the real deal.He plays with so much confident

  5. Tactical played amazing on the Varus! Also, remove Gwen.

  6. An interesting weekend to see Alphari subbed out with the message given and to also see the reflection on the Misfits 2017 world match vs SKT, when Alphari was interviewed separately from the other Misfits players who were together.

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