CLG vs TL Highlights | LCS Summer 2022 W3D2 | Counter Logic Gaming vs Team Liquid -

CLG vs TL Highlights | LCS Summer 2022 W3D2 | Counter Logic Gaming vs Team Liquid

Kaza LoL LCS Highlights
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Counter Logic Gaming vs Team Liquid Highlights | LCS Summer 2022 Week 3 Day 2 | CLG vs TL

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  1. Dhokla is really bad if CLG substitute Dhokla and gets a better top lane ı'm sure that they can play playoffs and maybe win the split?

  2. So if u draft kalista gnar you lose uhh

  3. TL is funny one day they are so worst another day they are so good this is hilarious 😂

  4. Yknow I don't actually hate this loss too much from CLG. They got super behind from a couple of uncoordinated plays but at least they aren't playing scared. I really like Contractz. The same thing happened when 100T subbed him in in that year where C9 was dominating so hard, and their game against 100T felt like the beginning of the end for them, and it was mostly due to Contractz. He does seem to have an issue with consistency, but what I like about him is that he's not afraid to just pull the trigger when he thinks it's good. It's a quality that players like Blabber also have. If this CLG team can get more coordinated with more time playing together, I think this team can be successful.

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  6. Swain the most op champ right now in pro play along with zeri. Can't believe more teams don't prioritise him

  7. Lol I know Amumu isn't the best champion but I feel like pros play him so bad and make him look even worse

  8. Did they really count down a dragon spawn like it´s a fucking new year´s celebration… 😀


  10. How hard is it to just wait for your ultimate to come back up before going in? @amumu like come on

  11. I know the game was a loss but why did palafox ran to aatrox and die??????

  12. So glad Bwipo didn't build goredrinker and went eclipse+BC instead.

  13. Why is it that some teams play on stage, and some stay home?

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