CLG vs OPT | Quarterfinals Game 1 | LCS Summer Split | Counter Logic Gaming vs. OpTic Gaming (2019) -

CLG vs OPT | Quarterfinals Game 1 | LCS Summer Split | Counter Logic Gaming vs. OpTic Gaming (2019)

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VoD of Counter Logic Gaming vs. OpTic Gaming (Game 1)
LCS Summer Split 2019 #LCS

Counter Logic Gaming Lineup:
Ruin – Top Jayce
Wiggily – Jungle Rek’Sai
PowerOfEvil – Mid Azir
Stixxay – Bot Sivir
Biofrost – Support Braum

OpTic Gaming Lineup:
Dhokla – Top Poppy
Meteos – Jungle Jarvan IV
Crown – Mid Corki
Arrow – Bot Ezreal
Big – Support Bard

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  1. Nice! Keep your grind up & stay consistent! I enjoy watching good content 🙂

  2. bronze players: this is like my average game every day i reckon i also can be a professional NA LCS player.

  3. Im sick of CLG picking these glass cannon comps with NO ENGAGE!!! GO BACK TO TANK TOP and JG, with hyper-scaling mid/bot and BIO ON A PLAY MAKING Enchanter support.

    ORN, TRUNDLE, Orianna, Twitch, Lux/Lulu/Janna
    Sion, Sejuani, Cassiopeia, Kog' maw, Lux/Lulu/Janna

  4. That is a masterclass by CLG in defense.

    1 dragon to 4.

    4 Barons given up.

    AND fighting the Elder buff at the end.

    And they still won.

    I wish some of my FF-at-15 public teammates could watch this.

  5. That is one of The worst games of Pro LOL i ever watched

  6. too much sugar for opt mid player, i guess lol. so banana player

  7. Watching this after watching LCK.

    Wildcard region.

  8. 12:35. The day Scott actually gets to have his chance to speak… that'll be a great day. The look on his face when the lights turn off on him. T.T I love the fact though that Jatt and Azazel can't keep a straight face.

  9. this was horrible TL is gonna stomp who wins this one

  10. So these are playoff lvl teams? Good luck at worlds, LCS, you gonna need it

  11. i havent watched LCS in summer split apart from rift rivals thought i would tune in to watch the finals. i see this game……..

    i mean is this pro league of legends…. really…. what happened to NA that its this bad i cant even watch the rest of the series

  12. Wait hold on… at 28:43, why does the CLG ward pop into an Optic zombie ward when it died? I thought it only would do that if Optic killed the ward?

  13. Enjoyed the game but oh gosh optic needs to work on their baron powe plays, Sure clg had good wave clear but optic it so badly the could just waveclear for t´days. You're supposed to line up the waves, something which optic didn't do once.

    Weird game, lots of blunders and bad cooperation.

  14. The 2014 summer TSM vs DIG playoffs series was one of the best in LoL history. In addition to the 4 (out of 7) barons secured by DIG in game 2, the series also featured ZionSpartan on the legendary D CANE, as well as iconic phrases such as WHY CULLING, and backdoors in multiple games.

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