CLG vs OPT - LCS 2019 Spring Split W1D1 - Counter Logic Gaming vs OpTic Gaming -

CLG vs OPT – LCS 2019 Spring Split W1D1 – Counter Logic Gaming vs OpTic Gaming

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vod of lcs Counter Logic Gaming vs OpTic Gaming – LCS: Week 1 Day 1 – CLG vs OPT
Picks & Bans: 3:36 Game Start: 11:28
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  1. Hell yeah phreak said 'asta la vista' I waited the whole match for it lol

  2. Akali in this game is non-existent. I thought he is a cancer champ.

  3. Love crowns energy and he looks like he's Ina better mental state in na. Hopefully he reacts to losses decently.

  4. Havent yet watched this but I saw there is a Xerath! hell yes!

  5. The thumbnail format isn't really compatible with CLG's logo

  6. Wow, really fun match to watch. Kudos to both team there.

  7. Damn, Crown was better than I expected.

  8. It actually seems like phreak has no idea wat he is saying and is just charting pure shit.

  9. Shows how good Crown is. Xerath should be able to zone out Liss but Crown is ahead in cs.

  10. Dardoch looks like hes humbled over the years of all the transfer. Hopefully one day he will be back to main roster ready. Hes a fantastic jungler

  11. 51:00 PoE looks like he's looking for anything his teammates have done for the team. '' Here? Nope. Maybe back there? Nope. ''

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