CLG vs IMT Highlights | LCS Winter 2023 W2D2 | Counter Logic Gaming vs Immortals -

CLG vs IMT Highlights | LCS Winter 2023 W2D2 | Counter Logic Gaming vs Immortals

Kaza LoL LCS Highlights
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Counter Logic Gaming vs Immortals Highlights | LCS Winter 2023 Week 2 Day 2 | CLG vs IMT

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  1. Letigress should really stop casting she is talking way to much, the other castee aint getting a chance, I hate it

  2. the casting from 0:230:36 had me fucking rolling mate. going for the full captain flowers 'CONTRAAACCTZZ' while completely ignoring first blood and the fact that Kenvi fucking LIVED.

  3. Who told her she could be a caster, she is so bad omg

  4. Remember inclusivity is a good thing. The LCS has been shit and shit year after year, this commentary is a perfect representation of the overall league.

  5. what a solid game by luger despite the fact they are losing badly

  6. Every LCS games today have been pretty one sided

  7. This lulu OMG!!! He is worse than that caster.

  8. First game for imt where bot doesnt int = first win for imt.

  9. Holy shit just let Luger carry game. Each one inting hardcore.

  10. wow. I really thought this IMT roster could live the 0-18 dream.

  11. How do you loose with Ofelia green and zero on a Team???CLG : we can 😂

  12. What a joke still can’t see pros at live events

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