CLG vs IMT Highlights LCS Spring 2020 W6D3 Counter Logic Gaming vs Immortals LCS Highlights 2020 by -

CLG vs IMT Highlights LCS Spring 2020 W6D3 Counter Logic Gaming vs Immortals LCS Highlights 2020 by

Onivia LEC, LCS, LCK, LPL Highlights
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CLG vs IMT Highlights LCS Spring 2020 W6D3 Counter Logic Gaming vs Immortals LCS Highlights 2020 by
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  1. How on earth they fight so hard and then give up on the Elder so easily 🙄?

  2. Teams want hakuho so much he gets to bring along his pocket adc to every team he plays on.

  3. My eyes… these teams are so bad… holy shit. LCK takes 12 min highlight games for 2 games. NA in a single one takes 13

  4. clg back to square one, finding some creative way to lose the game. Strange decision making during team fights as well

  5. When the highlights video is 13:23 long you know sonething will be wrong

  6. CLG just need to scrap their players. No one in this lineup that is worth rebuilding for. Hopefully someone doesn't give an offer to Smoothie. The guy does not shot call. He is just overly vocal without providing any direction to the game state.

  7. The whole CLG team got outplayed by Soaz alone. Why tf would you 5-man chasing Camille? You will waste a lot of time

  8. 50 min game out of these teams kinda proves people who laugh at LCS. Shitfest at display

  9. Just switch academy players with lcs… You have nothing to lose 🤷🏻‍♂️

  10. ufffffffffffffffff que partida

  11. Throw your skill firstly to Cassiopeia or Miss forturne not Trundle. It's basic but they don't know the basic.

  12. Omg eika was doing something this game!!!!!!! After 11 games.. for fucks sake! Just lets hope it doesnt change. He failed a lot of plays but at least he finally went for them rather than just sitting back and waiting to get carried. If he wants to prove himself he needs to keep trying to show he's worth. Doesnt really matter if he fails he needs to go for these type of plays more often.

  13. At 06:14 they could've ended the game, two 45 s death timers with minions right in the base, WTF CLG? Also Smoothie blocked like 0 MF ults…

  14. Александр Мотошвили says:

    Shit teams and main is pobelter, so uselss

  15. pob ori ulti suck ass specially the last team fight… he ulted the minions for that spicy cs lol NA suck

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