CLG vs. GG | LCS Lock In 2021 | Counter Logic Gaming vs. Golden Guardians -

CLG vs. GG | LCS Lock In 2021 | Counter Logic Gaming vs. Golden Guardians

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VOD of Counter Logic Gaming vs. Golden Guardians
LCS Lock In 2021

Counter Logic Gaming Lineup:
Solo – Top Renekton
Griffin – Jungle Sejuani
Pobelter – Mid Akali
WildTurtle – Bot Jhin
Smoothie – Support Alistar

Golden Guardians Lineup:
Niles – Top Gangplank
Iconic – Jungle Graves
Ablazeolive – Mid Twisted Fate
Stixxay – Bot Kai’Sa
Newbie – Support Galio

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  1. Only 3 of Golden Guardians had zero games played, so it would be their first time on Golden Guardians

  2. Hmm Olive ulting all over the map engaging for his galio and he was mentioned only when they talk about his gank where they focus on Niles's death…

  3. Solo bringing back his Worlds performance, very cool

  4. Other than Niles inting, GGS played pretty decently.

  5. Sunderer GP :S

    30:55 No Phreak, Sunderer is Garbage on GP, you have pretty much no AS in your build and Trinity's damage is higher.
    Everyone though GP would love Sunderer, but it's actually only decent to fight off against multiple tanks and overall is the weakest sheen item on GP this season. Yes, Lich Bane is better.

  6. Don't buy it.

    CLG deliberately threw the game.

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