CLG vs. FLY - Week 2 Day 1 | LCS Summer Split | Counter Logic Gaming vs. FlyQuest (2022) -

CLG vs. FLY – Week 2 Day 1 | LCS Summer Split | Counter Logic Gaming vs. FlyQuest (2022)

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VoD of Counter Logic Gaming vs. FlyQuest
LCS Summer Split 2022 #LCS

Casters: Captain Flowers & Azael
Interview: LeTigress

Counter Logic Gaming Lineup:
⦁ Dhokla – Top Gnar
⦁ Contractz – Jungle Udyr
⦁ Palafox – Mid Taliyah
⦁ Luger – ADC Zeri
⦁ Poome – Support Sona

FlyQuest Lineup:
⦁ Philip – Top Jayce
⦁ Josedeodo – Jungle Wukong
⦁ toucouille – Mid Ahri
⦁ Johnsun – ADC Twitch
⦁ aphromoo – Support Yuumi

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  1. Finally they dropped some Lounge after the game included in this Vlog, thanks for listening Riot!!

  2. Did CLG even want to win this game? I mean, you locked in Udyr. Udyr literally cannot make a play. Whenever he's involved its because Fly CHOOSES to engage on udyr, or udyr attempts an engage and fly simply ignores him and CHOOSES to attack him or not. What this shows to me is a clear lack of understanding CLG displays in understanding the meta. I too came from the days of season 3, where abilities and champ picks were the most important factors in a game. In the modern season, runes and items are arguably as or more important regarding the decisions and playstyle behind playing a champion. Udyr's kit offers nothing of unique value, What makes champtions powerful is their long list of actives and passives in their abilities, items and runes. Udyr has 0 actives and 1 passive active from his abilities at a time. Stats are secondary to passives/activies. By even considering udyr as a champion, CLG shows it does not understand this meta at all and is moving in the opposite direction, to stats, rather than to actives and passives. Play any champ jg with those runes and Items and you will do more dmg, have more engage, and have more options than udyr. Every champ has roughly 4 actives and a passive, udyr has 1 passive that is active at a time with a move speed passive. This also makes udyr nearly unreworkable, as any changes would remove the character from his kit. He will always be trash in this meta, you cannot work with his kit in this meta. Come on guys!!!! I've loved CLG from the start, and much as I don't want to either, I've learned in league you gotta play to the times.

  3. Having a hard time believing how bad this Jayce is

  4. What a game ! CLG made the wrong choice to push to end… when they should have taken baron + deny soul.

  5. Not even gonna finish this one CLG is oblivious to enemy positioning when they had the information and had plenty of time to respect the rotations

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