CLG vs FLY Highlights LCS Summer Season 2021 W6D2 Conter Logic Gaming vs FlyQuest by Onivia -

CLG vs FLY Highlights LCS Summer Season 2021 W6D2 Conter Logic Gaming vs FlyQuest by Onivia

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CLG vs FLY Highlights LCS Summer Season 2021 W6D2 Conter Logic Gaming vs FlyQuest by Onivia
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  1. Imagine fans to josedeodo to see fly academy play like this :)))

  2. Bets on CLG. Let's see how disappointed I am lol

  3. FLY Academy is legit. But I'm more impressed with CLG losing again.

  4. I'm a bit late but how tf was every former C9 player but Diamond benched or traded? Diamond was the worst of the 3 and it wasn't very close.

  5. Nevermind. Forgot that Fly Academy is smurfing NA 😂

  6. The Fly's academy attack again …
    In my opinion this roster is more aggressive than the old roster…

  7. Mid diff, props to Flyquest excited to see them play some better teams with this level of play

  8. Honestly this FLYA seem to be like 2nd best team just right behind 100T🤷

  9. Si el problema era jose de odo se va y ya ganan mucho

  10. Ese mid si se puede ver, no tiene comparacion con PALAFOX

  11. Josedeodo ♿♿ y eso que soy de Las Jajajaja.

  12. Tomo is a beast actually. Somebody sign this guy for an LCS main roster

  13. FLYA beating non academy teams is something to behold but this match has those NA being NA moments once again 😐

    Also, what is happening on Pobelter lately?

  14. I think these two casters are my new LCS favorites. Also, Academy > LCS :D.

  15. It was hard to determine the power level of FLYA before they replaced the FLY main roster because the competition is expected to be much lower in NA Academy compared to the LCS. FLYA was indeed one of the best teams in NA Academy, if not the best. No wonder they were smurfing there when they are actually able to play in the LCS.

    Maybe this should be a lesson to the other organizations. The lesson is that they should give the academy rosters or players to play in the LCS even for just a limited time only. Problem with NA is that they are too obsessed with getting players from other popular teams from EU, Korea, and LPL.

  16. How is it that not a single member of CLG thought to buy healing reduction when FlyQuest had 3 Ocean Dragons and Ocean Soul

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