CLG vs. DIG - Week 7 Day 1 | LCS Spring Split | Counter Logic Gaming vs. Dignitas (2023) -

CLG vs. DIG – Week 7 Day 1 | LCS Spring Split | Counter Logic Gaming vs. Dignitas (2023)

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VoD of Counter Logic Gaming vs. Dignitas
LCS Spring Split 2023 #LCS

Casters: Decerux & Kobe

Counter Logic Gaming Lineup:
⦁ Dhokla – Top Gragas
⦁ Contractz – Jungle Viego
⦁ Palafox – Mid Aurelion Sol
⦁ Luger – ADC Xayah
⦁ Poome – Support Rakan

Dignitas Lineup:
⦁ Armut – Top Renekton
⦁ Santorin – Jungle Sejuani
⦁ Jensen – Mid Cassiopeia
⦁ Tomo – ADC Aphelios
⦁ IgNar – Support Thresh

The LCS is a ten team league in North America run by Riot Games, where each annual season of competition is hosted twice a year (Spring and Summer Split). It concludes with a double-elimination tournament between the top 8 teams. The top 3 finishers from the Summer bracket are entered into the LoL World Championship.

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  1. A Sol is broken but & a BIG BUT, Palafox has looked like a legit LCS Pro this split. So happy to finally see him fill the role with the boys!! 💙💙

  2. Oh my good God that flowchart was the best thing of proplay

  3. What a banger game… Tomo with that clutch flash play at Soul really won them the game. Things would have been so different if CLG had choose to stopped the chase here … 1:07:24 instead they greed for the carry kills and got double ultied so bad.

  4. Thank god I was feeling sorry for Jensen and santorion who have been playing really really good finally some wins

  5. I feel like tomo is the worst performing auch in this Split he hasent had one good moment on my watch

  6. 44:13 LCS really should chill with these banners for arbitrary career milestones like 1700 assists. 1500 or 2000? Sure. 1817 assists and they are now tied for 5th all time? Awesome. But we really don't need to see every 100 assists/kills for all 50 LCS players, and it takes weight away from the real milestone achievements.

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