CLG vs DIG Highlights LCS Summer 2021 W3D3 Counter Logic Gaming vs Dignitas by Onivia -

CLG vs DIG Highlights LCS Summer 2021 W3D3 Counter Logic Gaming vs Dignitas by Onivia

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CLG vs DIG Highlights LCS Summer 2021 W3D3 Counter Logic Gaming vs Dignitas by Onivia
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  1. ahhaha Smoothie canceling his auto like 4 times, if they want a real shot at playoffs they need a new support asap

  2. Yes it's a 3-0 week for CLG
    the real winner is Dardoch @ The mcdonalds counter right now.

  3. Broxah 21/22 KP, Turtle with his 2 10 tons balls of steel, I LOOOOVE how CLG plays 👍👍

  4. Ne kadar basit ve güzel complar alıyorlar dümdüz kafa göz girmelik,bunu diğer liglerdr bu kadar kolay yapamazsın ama böyle giderlerse ilk 6 ya girerler

  5. 1) There's no way Vi is good
    2) There's no way this comp works twice
    3) There's no way CLG makes playoffs <—- You are here
    4) There's no way CLG wins summer
    5) There's no way CLG wins Worlds

  6. I know you're not gonna believe me but CLG is gonna win the split

  7. i love clg, if smoothie sharpens his skills and finn plays like this all the time, they can easily contest top 3 i hope

  8. Dignitas managing team should be an example of avoidance for future gms! Lets remove the guy who gave us one of our best splits in our recent history, for a guy who got kicked from several LCS teams, just because he reminded us how bad our picks wre for certain lanes! Keep it up there at Dig! Your only saviour is the quality of NA League

  9. So sad as a dig fan. Wheres soligo? Where's Dardoch? Get these shitters out of there

  10. Aphromoo popping off even when losing guy is a legend MVP so far this split imo

  11. broxah playing lee sin reminds me so much of when he was on FNC and winning EU LCS and getting to worlds

  12. Let's go Broxah, so happy to see you winning brother.

  13. broxah's back must've hurt cuz he carried this game so hard

  14. how are these morons even professional players? They play like bronze players…don't group up. Keep farming for no reason. TPs for no reason. Horrible….LCS are so garbage just like solo queue

  15. CLG teamfighting is insane. Broxah is slowly coming back to his 2018 form. The jungle meta and buffs to Lee Sin has sure helped him a lot this split.

  16. seems like CLG wins when they dont force picking meta champs and comps

  17. CLG FINALLY looking like they are a team full of experienced veterans. Holy shit finally

  18. I'm not usually one for flaming the players, but what is up with the flashes in situations where they are already dead? That's a solo q instinct, pros really should be better.

  19. i been waiting for CLG making a comeback for centuries, finally!(hopefully)

  20. Smoothie didn't hit a single auto-attack in the bot 2v2 lol

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