CLG vs DIG Highlights | LCS Summer 2020 TIE-BREAKER | Counter Logic Gaming vs Dignitas -

CLG vs DIG Highlights | LCS Summer 2020 TIE-BREAKER | Counter Logic Gaming vs Dignitas

Kaza LoL LCS Highlights
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CLG vs DIG Highlights | LCS Summer Split 2020 TIE-BREAKER | Counter Logic Gaming vs Dignitas

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  1. Was early zhonyas by POB at 4:50 intentional lol? Pob is still CLGs best looking player but this game everyone looked bad

  2. Fragas almost makes Wiggly look like a good jungler lmao… CLG is so trash, POB only one performing and Ruin can sometimes play i guess, if they don't get a new junge and support they will stay trash. Also changing Stixxay for some talanted player that actually cares is long overdue

  3. "CLG we never doubted you!" Yeah said that after a few minutes after saying they were gonna be perfect gamed….

  4. Clg.. keep stixxay and pob .. the rest ALL have to be rebuild, Including the coaching staff.

  5. and CLG wondered why people weren't hot on them this split

  6. CLG need to hard rebuild, remove everyone (Sorry Pob) and start from scratch.

  7. Cant believe one of these two trashes will be in play off,

  8. A record of 6-13 is going to playoff. The quality of LCS NA is questionable

  9. pob is solid mid, he's no pop off carry but he'd be excellent if a team is built around him.

  10. Fragas looks like an orange chroma skin of pink ward.

  11. why is there a tie breaker? i dont follow lcs but if any of these two trash teams makes it to the next split, then im sorry but NA is truly garbage region if the best you have to offer is 6-13

  12. Good thing their 3 year contract with the LCS is over, hope they dont re-sign

  13. That was some reportable chain inting on the 0/4/0 jungler.

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