CLG vs C9 | Week 4 | Summer Split 2020 | Counter Logic Gaming vs. Cloud9 -

CLG vs C9 | Week 4 | Summer Split 2020 | Counter Logic Gaming vs. Cloud9

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VOD of Counter Logic Gaming vs. Cloud9
LCS Summer Split 2020

Counter Logic Gaming Lineup:
Ruin – Top Malphite
Wiggily – Jungle Trundle
Pobelter – Mid Syndra
Stixxay – Bot Aphelios
Smoothie – Support Nautilus

Cloud9 Lineup:
Licorice – Top Wukong
Blaber – Jungle Lee Sin
Nisqy – Mid Rumble
Zven – Bot Ezreal
Vulcan – Support Rakan

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  1. So nobody is going to say how free that kill was at 20:37, but smoothie just decided to do nothing?

  2. color me shocked. CLG isn't as good vs teams other than IMT and DIG.

  3. Pick Ban screen looks like a boy band album cover.

  4. WildTurtle just depressed at the end knowing there’s no chance for Fly.

  5. lol no wonder clg lost they counter picked themselves into the best bot in the league

  6. licorice freezing the entire game and casters aren’t saying anything about it WeirdChamp

  7. So like what do they do to keep blabber down. He forced flashes out in under 4 minutes this game.

  8. Honestly I think CLG wanted to pick Wukong but with C9 on red, they just had to hope they didn't pick it after the second round of bans. CLG and C9 both prioritized other Champs in the first phase of picks. I think CLG left it up and hoped C9 was gonna try something else.

    Also I kinda hate how much Markz focuses on CLG's gold stats. If you remove the EG game, CLG only has like a 100 gold deficit (instead of thousands) at 15 minutes. In statistics, you throw out the anomalies because it skews the data too much. Also the sample size was 6 games which is almost nothing lol

  9. So uh, no one talking about Rakan using R at 35:55 ???? Because that's a 100 sec cooldown..

    Was it trolling? A misclick? Was he just zoning them off the tower .?

    No idea what the point of that was . . . But they won anyways so it doesn't matter I guess

  10. Lol. "Vulcan is dead." Zoniah's, "No one dies on C9. Ace."

  11. Lcs overlay is so ugly. The only reason I watch it is for c9

  12. C9: hey guys, we don't really play tanks that often
    CLG: first picks Trundle
    C9: k

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