CLG vs. C9 - Week 3 Day 1 | LCS Summer Split | Counter Logic Gaming vs. Cloud9 (2022) -

CLG vs. C9 – Week 3 Day 1 | LCS Summer Split | Counter Logic Gaming vs. Cloud9 (2022)

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VoD of Counter Logic Gaming vs. Cloud9
LCS Summer Split 2022 #LCS

Casters: Captain Flowers & Kobe
Interview: Emily

Counter Logic Gaming Lineup:
⦁ Dhokla – Top Yone
⦁ Contractz – Jungle Viego
⦁ Palafox – Mid Zoe
⦁ Luger – ADC Senna
⦁ Poome – Support Tahm Kench

Cloud9 Lineup:
⦁ Fudge – Top Tryndamere
⦁ Blaber – Jungle Udyr
⦁ Jensen – Mid Azir
⦁ Berserker – ADC Zeri
⦁ Zven – Support Yuumi

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  1. The real loser is C9 for playing Yumi…

  2. Never thought Udyr would dominate the jungle in this meta… C9 just uber stompning… but Zven's Yumi is definitely next level.

  3. Jensen drinking with a straw in a coffee cup, new meta?

  4. Your mate 'Dhokes' was no where near the skill of Fudge, he's lucky he didn't get stomped more.

  5. imagine mark being the dumbest analyst lol i'm not shocked

  6. Christ the skill level on show here is so far below LPL & LCK isn’t it.

  7. Feels bad for both Fudge and the casters. at 40:40.
    First the spectator view missed that Fudge's ult was on cooldown, then both the casters missed the correct ult on cooldown shown in the replay afterwards while they kept harping on him for not using it.

  8. He should've locked that Nek-Nek in. Cracked off a Zhonya like the legendary Swaglord Darien

  9. Idk what it is but LEC and LCS drafts be weird this year like it's obvious who wins lately just based by draft

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