CLG vs. C9 - Week 3 Day 1 | LCS Spring Split | Counter Logic Gaming vs. Cloud9 (2022) -

CLG vs. C9 – Week 3 Day 1 | LCS Spring Split | Counter Logic Gaming vs. Cloud9 (2022)

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VoD of Counter Logic Gaming vs. Cloud9
LCS Spring Split 2022 #LCS

Casters: Kobe & Phreak
Interview: LeTigress

Counter Logic Gaming Lineup:
⦁ Jenkins – Top Camille
⦁ Contractz – Jungle Hecarim
⦁ Palafox – Mid Ryze
⦁ Luger – ADC Sivir
⦁ Poome – Support Karma

Cloud9 Lineup:
⦁ Summit – Top Gnar
⦁ Blaber – Jungle Xin Zhao
⦁ Fudge – Mid Corki
⦁ Berserker – ADC Jinx
⦁ Winsome – Support Thresh

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  1. Really don’t think CLG improved as others think, looks like C9 just inted and weren’t trying in a lot of moments in the game.

  2. Congrats C9. NO Sneaky NO worlds. Perkz saved you last year. Who cares if LS isnt a straight guy…support him and his game theory.

    However, this could have been Riot games forcing you to get rid of him too just bc he is trying to break the meta. Fuck the boring meta. Riot should embrace the damn near 100 champs that NEVER GET PLAYED anymore instead of keeping them perpetually in a weakened state compared to every new/habitually meta champ. Riot wants everyone to play their game but only when it comes to their intentions. They really that afraid enchanters might find bugs in the coding of the game with heals procing from half dozen or more sources… ?

    Part of this makes me think LS wants to go back to Korea and get better healthcare rates. Such a shame he isnt here anymore and I suspect he is quitting the game soon. Burnout.

  3. C9, seriously wtf. You are going to lose so man fans if you do not clear this up. Minutes before the game? LS better had committed something really illegal and bad, otherwise you shot yourself in the foot so hard. LCS viewers will tank, and i mean you see it. C9 standard draft without LS. Do you know what is happening on Reddit rn? This better isn't some "contract rule" or "said something bad" or "didn't work well with the team" bs, because people are furious and freaking out.

  4. C9 just made a horrible decision. Props to the boys for sprinting it.

  5. Unsubbing and unfollowing everything lcs and c9 related on every platform. Wont be tuning in until someone makes an actual statement not some PR BS.

  6. That seals the deal. I am no longer a Cloud 9 fan. I’ve been a fan since 2013 and skin holder since 2015. I officially will not be buying any merch nor will I watch LCS ever again. Jack is officially the worst gm in history.

  7. Hard to stay a C9 fan after the clown show today. LS leaving, the way the organization handled it, the terrible performance from the team itself. Going into the season and having to deal with hard-int'er-Blaber for another year and Fudge swapping to Mid…I think most of us tried to keep our composure and hope for the best. However, I think this is it; it's over. The LCS was barely watchable and with the only team worth watching now showing us how bad they truly are…sigh.

  8. there went my reasons to watch lcs and c9's chance to get far into worlds

  9. I enjoyed every second of this match. Congrats CLG. Amazing.

  10. 3-1 team fires their popular Coach.

    Did LS murder or sexually assault someone? Cuz, I have no f'ing clue why they'd fire him otherwise.

  11. I really hope there's a good reason behind this idiotic decision.

  12. C9 instantly became worse than TSM without LS. What a disaster. When you lose to the 0-4 CLG you know that whoever fired LS is actively sabotaging the chances of a Worlds victory for Cloud 9.

  13. LS aka Leaving Suddenly was released from Cloud 9 eSports after coaching 4 games with them over the span of 3 weeks.

  14. Guess theres no reason to watch c9 again. free'd up a couple hours a weekend

  15. C9's issues aside, CLG had some wild split push plays near the end. Great showing in the late game.

  16. I don't understand why c9 did this following LS murder somebody in the streets or raped a staff member. Literally he was growing their brand even larger and getting a bigger audience to them with his unconventional LCS drafts. I don't know what the hell they can be thinking but at least I don't have to watch LCS on Sunday to see what c9 is going to do anymore based on this game it's back to conventional play styles and drafts

  17. Good job moron C9. Fire LS and see what happens.

  18. That is what happens if you fire the greatest brain in LoL!!! Well done C9 owners and management, I was a long time TSM fan (I know…) but switched to C9 just because you signed LS. Now with Nick gone, you have destroyed NA's chance to get out of groups in worlds… Another LCK/LPL win…

  19. All the people that say that C9 lost because LS left are just making the argument because it is convinient. CLG got a huge early lead with the perfect bot dive and were expected to win at that point. The CLG players just played better, this cannot be (only) contributed to LS leaving.

  20. Can't wait to watch the rest of lcs to see this clown9 get clapped 🤣

  21. This is the opposite of a value play. C9 just lost to shopkeeper.
    LS made League fun and creative again. Thats the true loss here, shame for the talented players.

  22. Bro are C9 f'n HIGH??? IDC what internal drama that org had – LS was reinventing league as we know it and the team looked like they loved his style, you should have kept that man regardless. Oh my god I hope someone sweeps him up

  23. Whoever made the decision to fire LS should be fired. I used to purposefully tune in because I wanna see what comp LS would do. Gonna watch better teams. I personally think the team had a lot of fun with his comps. 3-1 team…released a head coach lol. Gonna go back to just watching his stream. Best luck to fudge, Beserker, and team.

  24. Wow I feel like just not watching lcs anymore .

  25. I don't think we should use this game or even the TSM game today to evaluate the C9 players.
    They clearly have their thoughts elsewhere regardless of what actually happened.
    The draft looks like a last minute "safe" pick.

    Will probably not be watching live anymore in the future unless Max can bring interesting drafts as well.

  26. As a looong time lcs watcher, between this and no costreaming I’m done watching

  27. Goodbye to all reason to watch the LCS in 2022. RIP Clown9

  28. Firing your head coach with zero notice and then immediately getting your ankles obliterated by one of the bottom ranked teams in your league is honestly such a power move that I don't think any team in the LCS is capable of except Clown9 🤡

  29. Give CLG some credit, folks. No matter what was going on with C9, that early triple and those Baron/Dragon split push baits at the end of the game were galaxy brain stuff.

  30. Blaber seems totally feast or famine. He plays so aggressive he either solo carries or ints

  31. How to instantly switch from my fav to my least fav team, like CLG last year after their management were pieces of shit.

  32. Well, this is what I call shooting ur own foot

  33. Summit had the classic Top Lane experience.

    He's doing his job winning his lane, but it doesn't matter, because the rest of the team is getting destroyed.

  34. Was literally just thinking we haven't seen much Sivir lately. They must have read my mind 😁.

  35. I don't know much about LS, but I am so fucking glad I don't have to listen to the annoying "church" or "sin" references anymore! Good riddance to an annoying shtick.

  36. "HA ha!" – Ls and Nelson from the Simpsons

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