CLG vs C9 | Semifinals Game 4 | LCS Summer Split | Counter Logic Gaming vs. Cloud9 (2019) -

CLG vs C9 | Semifinals Game 4 | LCS Summer Split | Counter Logic Gaming vs. Cloud9 (2019)

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VoD of Counter Logic Gaming vs. Cloud9 (Game 4)
LCS Summer Split 2019 #LCS

Cloud9 Lineup:
Licorice – Top Kled
Svenskeren – Jungle Gragas
Nisqy – Mid Sylas
Sneaky – Bot Sivir
Zeyzal – Support Rakan

Counter Logic Gaming Lineup:
Ruin – Top Akali
Wiggily – Jungle Jarvan IV
PowerOfEvil – Mid Orianna
Stixxay – Bot Caitlyn
Biofrost – Support Morgana

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  1. C9 did NOT wanna lose this game, insane flanks.

  2. after game 3 i was certain history was gonna repeat and c9 was gonna be too tilted to close out the series

    glad i was proven wrong, gg clg

  3. Glad to see you guys recover, was verh impressive how you guys set up the important fights that slowly brought you back into the game. Didnt allow clg to set up and pulled the trigger at good times.

  4. Looks like CLG forgot their win condition. They had a scaling comp with Morg and Ori to protect a Caitlyn, a 4k gold advantage AND the baron and even an infernal drake, and they decided to try and rush the base and accept a 4 vs 5 when they didn't need to. Could have just taken outer turrets and strangled vision control in the jungle to draw the game out longer. Sivir is a no dash adc, so J4 could have always locked her in place assuming flash burned. Late game (on a theoretical level) belonged firmly in CLG's hands. Still, that's a weakness NA should want removed from the pool of those going to Worlds, so not really anything to complain about. Better team won, even if this game was more CLG handing the win to C9 than C9 taking it.


  6. Its not fun unless if they show some life anyway guys! Truth!

  7. Anyone got the name of that first outro song? Tried searching it with the lyrics but no luck. "they say that i'm too tunnel vision, cuz i can't take my eyes off you"

  8. Oh my lord! I hope C9 doesn’t have to carry the entire NA reputation on their shoulder anymore! Please give my Sneaky a break!

  9. Does anyone know what song they used for the highlights at the end? (I find it pretty catchy)

  10. Akali should have tanked the kled ult at c9's bot lane base tower. He instead blinks past the wall and kled follows him into the fight.

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