CLG vs C9 Highlights | LCS Summer 2022 W3D1 | Counter Logic Gaming vs Cloud9 -

CLG vs C9 Highlights | LCS Summer 2022 W3D1 | Counter Logic Gaming vs Cloud9

Kaza LoL LCS Highlights
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Counter Logic Gaming vs Cloud9 Highlights | LCS Summer 2022 Week 3 Day 1 | CLG vs C9

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  1. Didn't Contractz say C9 has many problems? That was more sided than expected

  2. C9 played great and G2 got hard stomped today is a good day 😁.
    The C9 haters basement dwellers will just have to wait to copy paste "Clown9 kwek"

  3. Full Roster C9 3-0. That bot lane is a huge Dif.

  4. I know it’s yummi but holy shit zven played so fucking well today. This man is already a solid support. Also blaber udyr is always a treat to watch. Psychofish is unlocked

  5. Thats one of the worst zoe I’ve ever seen

  6. Having zven on yumi is like a free black sheild. Man pops out and tanks every bubble like a champ

  7. Zven being an absolute hero catching several Zoe bubbles in a row

  8. Sven is actually cracked on support. Being an adc main, you know exactly what to look for in supports and he is crushing it

  9. wait waht, zven support? when was this, why did he swap roles

  10. Missed opportunity at 4:20 "you know what's cooler than feeling cool?"

  11. Finally someone plays udyr, he's been broken for 2 patches

  12. Saying truly counter logic will never not be funny

  13. Kick plafox from team
    I bet he is fcking silver player

  14. One of the best yummi games i over saw. Actually made it look like a champion, and not just dead weight.

  15. Interesting, Blabber finally realized there is a top side of the map! Oh wait, Summit isn't up there that would be why.

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